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GVK Lounge at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

GVK Lounge is an airport lounge available for Business and First Class passengers where you are in for a luxury. Providing excellent concierge service, a world-class spa, amazing interiors provides a comfortable feel for the travellers who will be staying at the lounge. The interiors have a world-class design with Indian touch which makes an excellent environment with added comfort. GVK Lounge has facilities such as Concierge, Smoking Zone, F&B, Spa and Shower Area, Relaxation area, Library and Business area.

Upon entering the lounge area, you would notice a grand entrance and you can notice the receptionist sitting once you enter the lounge. You would be greeted by an associate who based on the ticket purchased will guide you to the respective lounge area.

GVK Lounge has 3 categories which include

First Class: This section has a splendid 5* Hotel along with personalized services which cater to its guests along with privacy. The First Class guests have an opportunity to enjoy top-level amenities like fine dining, individual spa treatments, relaxation room, shower and concierge service facilities

The Premium Class: This section offers guests with facilities such as spa, relaxation area, smokers lounge etc. They would have privacy and personalised service by attaches and preferential access to various amenities that GVK Lounge offers.

The Business Class: Quiet, Ambient and peaceful the business class lounge access in GVK offers quiet resting place after a hectic business trip. You can relax, refresh and enjoy the facilities available here. Additionally, guests here can enjoy services such as foot massage, smokers lounge access and more.

With many seating areas present here, these are segregated via zones. Also present is the business centre where you can work while present in the lounge. You also have access to clean restrooms and shower area with temperature controlled shower.

There is a buffet service at GVK Lounge with a dedicated seating area. Here you would enjoy various types of food from different cuisines.  For First Class passengers, you would have access to a sit-down restaurant. This restaurant is of good interior decor where upon entrance you would be asked by a server who will ask for a start drink. The menu will be provided and you can have the option to choose Soups, Appetizers, Mains, Desserts etc.  The menu was exclusively created by Chef Rajesh Shetty who is an executive chef to the Mumbai Lounge. You can try the dish here and provide them with feedback.

There is a spa facility available for guests where you can enjoy various treatments and relax. You can avail the paid service here before you can head off for your next destination.

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