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I was delighted by Taj announcement; they are having a Gourmet Burger Fiesta. The burger is one of the most traditional Fast Foods worldwide. Our city has gone from blazing hot summer to chilly cool monsoon weather within a span of a few days, and Mynt at The Taj West End embraces the rains with the Gourmet Burger Fiesta.

Handcrafted by Executive Chef Sandip Narang and his culinary team, this festival takes one on a tour of some creatively crafted and delicious burgers. We were welcomed to array burgers that seemed to have travelled the world and picked up bits and pieces of the global cuisine to form tempting concoctions.

Gourmet Burger Fiesta Exclusive Menu!

“Many of our regular diners have just returned from their long summer breaks, and so we thought this would be a good way to welcome them back,” said Chef Sandeep. The menu here offers a mix of classic and innovative flavour pairings, with a precise focus on exotic cheeses and speciality bread. The select list is an amalgamation of red meat, seafood, and chicken varieties. It also has options in vegetarian burgers. There’s also a choosing of sides with options such as traditional French fries, BBQ wings, and nachos, apart from milkshakes and toppings (bacon strips and ham slices were excellent options).

From a famous ‘American cheeseburger’ to a ‘Chicken and cheese’ you can try out an exciting variety of different pairings and toppings. You can look forth to the natural flavours like ‘classic sesame,’ ‘thyme and parmesan,’ ‘steamed bao’ and ‘multi-grain’ buns to name a few, and it was a Fiesta indeed!

They have also deconstructed the regular burger bun and given it a new twist to it. Note I had only vegetarian stuff. My fellow friend’s and bloggers tasted non-veg stuff.

Summary: They used exotic cheeses like ‘brie,’ ‘cheddar,’ ‘gouda,’ and ‘gorgonzola’ needs a particular allusion and so do the sides and fries. All Burgers are served with Fries, Mustard Sauce, Ketchup, and Coleslaw. They also offer different Toppings and Sauces and the big glass of Milkshakes. The selection of milkshakes like vanilla, chocolate shake, and the mango milkshake, that one can choose from.

The juicy and tender ‘Chicken BBQ wings’ were a perfect way to start your culinary fiesta. Follow it with the ‘Crab-Artichoke Meat’ burger which comes with an artichoke, crabmeat patty, herb butter, tartar sauce & brie cheese. The ‘Pepper Blue Cheese Steak’ burger served in a ‘thyme parmesan’ bun is also a great option to keep in mind.

The highlight of the list was the ‘Park Street Chili Chicken’ burger that comes with the steamed bao bun. The chicken patty was paired with ‘Kimchi Slaw’ and mayo to give the perfect finish. The erotic taste is sure to linger in your mouth.

Also not to be craved is the American Cheeseburger with beef mince patty, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato topped with cheddar or gouda cheese and served on a sesame bun. The patty was juicy and fleshy and the vegetables fresh and crunchy. My friends enjoyed every bite!


Chef Sandip has held in mind the vegetarians and has crafted two very marvellous burgers the ‘Capresse Caprese’ and the ‘Spinach and Paneer Shikam Poori.’ I tasted the Spinach and Paneer Shikam Poori burger, which was light and delicious. This one was paired with Amul cheese, mango chutney, and a multigrain bun.

If not for the meat, the festival is worth visiting just for the variety of bread on offer, which has been paired with the appropriate fillings. The ‘Gourmet Burger Fiesta’ will be on until July 1 at Mynt, Taj West End.

Open for both, lunch and dinner, priced at 750 INR and 800 INR (exclusive of taxes). Be assured you are in for a feast!

Location: Mynt, Taj West End, 25, Race Course Road, High Grounds, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


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