GoPro Hero 8 Review

From time to time, GoPro has gained attention and the fans of this action camera eagerly wait for its newer, upgraded version that the company plans to release every year. That being said, GoPro has released its new action camera called GoPro Hero 8.

With coming with various upgrades, improvements and changes, GoPro Hero 8 has one major upgrade which you can notice once you open the package. That is they have shorter lens extension with built-in mounting rings, which helps in the easy mounting of the action camera on a helmet or handlebars.  Along with this upgrade, we can notice the accessories provided called Mods which helps in the safety and stability of the camera while working.

On the first look, we notice that Hero 8 is relatively smaller than Hero 7 however, hero 8 has been upgraded being the first camera that can be used without any cage. This cage-less camera makes it easy for charging, changing SD Cards and also to mount easily. As in previous versions, both battery and Micro SD Card slot are at the same place and you need to be careful while inserting the SD Card.

The GoPro Hero 8 has increased security of glass where the thickness of Gorilla Glass to 2mm if you want to use GoPro, has it is supposed to be then you can buy glass cover tempered for a price.

The Mods are accessories that are provided along with GoPro. This is a major upgrade to the cameras since their previous releases. They currently have 2 mods namely Media Mod and Display Mod.

The Media Mod helps greatly to record videos with voice clarity as it has 3.5mm mic jack, HDMI port and a shotgun mic which helps greatly in recording videos with voice clarity. You can also add LED Light mod here which helps to record videos at night and dark places.

The Display Mod helps any vloggers to record with the camera with Display Mod which is a flip-up screen which helps to record videos and check them out by yourself while recording. It is a 2-inch flip-up screen which is easily foldable so that it can be packed for easy storage.

Along with the Mods, Go Pro has increased the functioning of their camera with better UI and many upgrades compared to its previous versions. The new features of Hero 8 include Hypersmooth 2.0, Timewarp 2.0, Improved HD Recording, RAW Image, Capture presets etc. With this long list of improvements, we can have a better image and video clarity.

One of the most talked-about Improvements includes Hypersmooth 2.0  which eliminates the usage of gimbals. The feature offers 3 modes of stabilization such as On, High and Boost which manages to record clear videos without any wobbly movements. With this feature, you can record clear videos at 120 and 240 fps, however, for Boost Mode you can record 60fps and below.

The Timewarp which is GoPro’s interval photography feature has been upgraded in their new camera where you can find the photo’s stabilized and crisp which makes images look brighter. With this feature you can record the entire event in a gist and showcase them to the audience without much editing, however, this feature tends to consume battery hence it is recommended to have a power bank etc. The updated feature has a new auto interval detection that uses an in-built accelerometer to add more frames when there is a lot going on and spread them out during lulls.

The photo settings in the camera include LiveBurst mode which helps you to capture images at 90fps with an interval of 1.5 seconds. The images can be saved in RAW Format which is really helpful during editing. Capture Presets is one of the newest features of GoPro Hero 8 where the mode helps you to present your favourite images and edit the same with colour settings, also the mode helps you to capture images based on the activity and shot type.

Video settings in the camera include Superwide, wide and linear modes where one can capture videos of 2.4k and 4k. There is a live feature which can be done connecting to FaceBook, Youtube with Full HD 1080p format.

The battery of GoPro Hero 8 is made of Li-Ion which has more power. The battery can last up to 50 minutes max with videos of 4k however if you are using to record videos with lower resolution then battery capacity can be extended.

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