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Google Pixel 3 A Review

Google has launched its flagship phone Pixel 3 called Pixel 3A and 3A XL. These include mid-range smart-phone 3A and 3A XL which are customer friendly and does not burn a hole in one’s pocket, however, the specifications are slightly low compared to Pixel 3. Priced at Rs 39,999 and Rs 44,999 this Pixel range are affordable compared to the previous version of Pixel releases however they are slightly overpriced compared to its competitors.


Coming to specifications for Pixel 3A has 5.6inch HD+ Display with 18:9 aspect ratio and has a resolution of 1080x2220p. Running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 670SoC, Pixel 3A XL has Snapdragon 710 Soc and having 4GB RAM with 64GB Non-expandable storage this offers a fast processor for the budget phone. However,  comparatively with phones on similar price range Pixel 3A offers a bit low processor.

Pixel 3A runs on 3000mAh battery with 12.2MP Rare Camera and 8MP front camera. Google Pixel 3A comes with a polycarbonate body and Google provides half glass and half matte back panel for this budget phone. The looks feel luxurious and this combination also does not weigh heavy due to its composition, but it feels light

With a 5.6-inch screen, this phone comes with thick bezels where the bezels In chin area are slightly thicker compared to the forehead. Having 3 colour modes i.e, Natural, boosted and Adaptive modes the display provides rich colours from all viewing angles.

Pixel range of smart-phones are known for their camera quality the quality of Pixel 3A never disappoints with 12.2MP rare and 8MP front camera provides crisp images and sharp results. When the photos are taken on daylight, this phone has perfect colour saturation that does not fade even when zoomed to the maximum. The images taken during night light and low light condition also did not disappoint where there were not much of grainy images and the noise was controlled which is supported by the software. The camera features of Pixel 3A offers Panorama, Google Lens, Slow Motion, HDR+ recording with clear and sharp images and videos. As of front camera, this never lacked grainy shots which covered most of the content.

Performance of Pixel 3 A is at par where it runs on Snapdragon 670 SoC which is suitable for browsing, however while playing heavy games and using some of larger software we see bit of lag but considering its budget this is better for a mid-range phones and is suitable for users who do not use large apps/games.

Pixel 3A comes with Google Pixel Visual Core Chip which is then dependent on Snapdragon 670 SoC for processing images, the clarity of images are perfect however they lag in processing these.

The processor of Pixel 3 A is paired with Adreno 615 GPU which is helpful while handling games, the games played on this phone usually never lacked performance however playing long hours we noticed it lacked a bit and turned out to be slow.

The Battery power of Pixel 3A is 3000mAh which is enough for daily usage. With its mid-range processor, OLED Screen this phone provides a good battery life. The phone has Android 9.0 OS with assured regular security and android updates

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