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Google Nest Audio review

Google Nest Audio which is Bluetooth and many other functionalities speakers from Google has been called by many names which everyone is aware of is the Google Home. The Google Home was launched in the year 2016 and it went against Amazon’s Alexa.

The Google range will suit better if you invest in Android and many google related gadgets. And on the other end, the speaker should sound good and Google has bought the same for users.

A long-awaited successor of Google Home is Google Nest Audio which is priced at 7,999 INR and the new speaker is full-sized smart and looks fresher, sounds better, and has premium look. It also has a reliable Google Assistant and is many linked functions and services. Additionally, Google Claims that the Nest Audio is 75% louder than Google Home and has 50% stronger bass.

Google came up with 2 new variants of Nest namely Nest and Nest Mini while the Nest is a larger one that stands tall and has curved edges, the new nest audio is completely upgraded than the old version where it was covered in cloth and had LED light just behind the cloth.

The good thing about the Nest Audio device is its set up. With quick and easy set up from mobile, you can have access to Google Nest easily via Google Home App. It has a stop button and volume +/- buttons on the touch-sensitive sides. But the buttons are over-ridden by the audio device color as Google wants you to focus on the sounds rather than the LED Flash lit buttons.

The Google Nest comes with a color that can blend in with any decor. The grey charcoal color looks like a rock from a distance. The device has a microphone slider and a Google Emblem.

Like other Google Home or Amazon Alexa, the Google Nest needs to be plugged-in to connect, it does not come with a battery and the power-plug is connected to the back and the power source should be continuous to be functioning.

The Nest audio has the good listening ability and can answer most of the words spoken.  It comes with a 75mm mid-woofer and 19mm tweeter for sound. It can be connected via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/ 5GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0 and the built-in Chromecast for connectivity. There is no option to connect to the device as no 3.5mm jack is present.

The device supports streaming via various linked services such as Spotify, Youtube Music, and also access many functions via Voice Commands.  It can support multiple logins where other members need to provide access via their email address. Once connected, the device can stream music via Google Assistant and also support Google’s extensive search capabilities and various IoT Devices. You can also connect with smart bulbs and robot vacuum cleaners and also you can schedule timers, alarms, and calendars.

Alternatively, you can connect via Bluetooth to play the music which you want. It sounds decent here, however, when connected via the Internet like streaming via Spotify, the Nest Audio performs better.

The microphone system works better as the Nest Audio can listen to voice commands coming from a distance and can catch the words. Even with background noise, Google can catch the words used and can play the requested tracks or tasks. Also, Google Nest has good and easy connectivity to devices.

Google Nest Audio is one of the best audio devices in the market and you can purchase the same for easy music listening.

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