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Goa might make a negative covid-19 certificate mandatory for travelers from these states.

If you are planning your visit to Goa, you should get tested for Covid-19 and you should produce the negative certificate to gain entry into the state.

Reportedly, the state health minister Vishwajit Rane has said that a proposal regarding the same will be discussed by chief minister Pramod Sawant and the matter will be taken up for discussion. If this proposal is passed, those traveling to Goa from Karnataka, Kerala, and Maharashtra will need to provide proof of covid-19 test report or undergo a test at the airport.

The health minister also stated that Maharashtra has already made it mandatory for travelers arriving from Goa to provide a negative covid-19 certificate although cases in Goa were comparatively low.

Apart from this, the minister further informed that since weddings and other such occasions witness huge crowds, this made to increase the number of cases and the state government has been contemplating on putting a limit on attendees on such occasions.

The health minister also emphasized that authorities are making all efforts to achieve a target of 2500 tests per day which is a mandate according to the state government, and also they are in plans to increase testing of coronavirus for residents.

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