Germany would go under hard lockdown

With a rising number of coronavirus cases in Germany, the government has now decided to go under hard lockdown over the Christmas period. As per records, the cases have now reached record levels during the second wave of Coronavirus.

As per local reports, the new lockdown will come into effect from December 16 and will remain in place for a period of ten days that is till December 26. During this period, all non-essential shops will be shut as well as schools.

German chancellor, Angela Merkel after a meeting with 16 states of the country stated that there is an urgent need for action.

As per the lockdown rules, a maximum of 5 people from no more than two households will be allowed to gather at home. However, the rules will be relaxed from December 24 to 26 when one household will be allowed to invite a maximum of 4 close family members from other households.

During this period, Bars, Restaurants, and Pubs will be closed down. It is noted that some states have imposed their own lockdown rules.

Under national lockdown rules, banks and other essential stores will be allowed to stay open and shops selling Christmas trees will be allowed to stay open.

Furthermore, there will be a nationwide ban on gatherings on New Year’s eve and day also the government has banned the usage of fireworks. Local governments have also banned the usage of fireworks in public places.

Compared to other European countries, Germany has been successful in controlling the pandemic situation and with new lockdown rules, it will be minimizing the spread of coronavirus.

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