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Germany to remove covid restrictions from June 01

The German government recently announced that they will remove several covid19 restrictions from June 01 thus making it easier for tourists to enter the country.


The country’s 3G rules will be eliminated which include Proof of Vaccination, recovery or negative test reports said the Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach.


“Until the end of August, we will suspend the 3G rule on entry”. Said the minister in a statement.


With this, Germany is one of the last EU nations to ease covid19 restrictions for travellers, although the nation had dropped several other restrictions in the month of April, the said restriction was still in place. 


This rule was still in place for those arriving from “high-risk” countries But as per the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases, currently, no country is designated as a virus variant region.


“When such areas are defined, people entering the country have to go into quarantine. Even with lower incidences in the summer, we must remain cautious in the event of a global pandemic”. Said the minister in a statement.


Last week, the German government announced that it would invest EUR 830 million in the procurement of a new vaccine for COVID-19 that will protect people against different variants of the virus. 

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