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Gastronomical Experience at Taj Holiday Village Goa

Taj hotels one of the exquisite hotel brands is known for its good hospitality provided to their guests. When the guests arrive they good expect a good place to stay and good food. Taj offers both of them under its roof and it is keeping up with the changes that are happening in the food industry and hence they are awarded the best in the food industry too.


The Restaurants at Taj Holiday Village Resort and Spa are expanding with its beach destination. There will be a new item in the menu everyday which makes your taste-buds tickle and makes you want to try more of the food that is on the menu, these restaurants will make sure that you experience authentic, tasty and delicious food which is present on their menu. With its regards to taste, cleanliness and the food quality matching up-to the standards, we notice that the restaurants of Taj winning more awards and thus bringing more visitors to visit the place and experience the ultimate gastronomical place.

There are 3 restaurants and 1 Bar in Taj Village holiday resort and spa under the head chef, Sahil Desai

The restaurants in Taj Holiday Village Resort and Spa are Banyan Tree, Caravela and Beach house and Drift is an in house bar which is located in the premises of The Resort.

Banyan Tree:

Perhaps one of the most famous restaurants in Goa is the Banyan Tree. Enjoy food under the famous 300-year-old Banyan tree where the restaurant is famous for Pan-Asian, Thai food. The food prepared here is authentic with handpicked spices from the Garden of Taj, which when included brings out the sweet-sour and spicy flavour when you take your very first bite. The food here includes Appetizers such as Kiyoo Khoob, Mee Grob, Thodman Khao Pao for vegetarian and Keh Phrik Deang, Keh Phad Phrik, Neur Yang Nam Tak etc for non-vegetarian appetizers. There are new-age dishes served here which includes the new cuisine of Thai and Pan Asian. Salads and Soups are served here for both the cuisine lovers who would want to explore some authentic Thai cuisine. Mains include Sea Food, Meat, Poultry and Vegetarian dishes and some authentic Thai Style curries are served here such as Gang Kiew Warn, Gaeng Ped, Gaeng Leung, Panang and Gaeng Massaman. Rice and Noodles are included in the menu as Thai meal without rice and noodles is not a Thai meal, the rice and noodles include the famous Pad Thai, Khao Pad, Kaho Hom Mall, Kol Tlow Phad Ki Mao etc. And what good way to end the scrumptious food than ending with a bite of dessert, here at banyan tree there are a variety of desserts available to suit one’s taste-buds.

Beach House:

With traditional Goan along with Portuguese infused dishes on the menu, this restaurant is most sought out restaurant amid The Taj, Chef Rego who overlooks this restaurant has over 40+ years of experience which makes you taste some authentic Goan food in true Goan style. Try your taste of Vindaloo, Xacuti and other traditional Goan-Portuguese cuisines in this restaurant. The menu includes Starters such as Piaqentas, Recheado, Batatas Con e Verdura, Efinafres e Caju. Salads and Soups are on the menu which is worth a try for, Mains include Seafood, Prawn, Meat, Poultry and Vegetarian which are both traditional and Portuguese infused dish. Authentic Hindu Saraswat and Goan Thali are available where you can explore the taste of traditional Thali. Ending your food exploration with Veg, Non-Veg desserts which are available here at The Beach House.


Head over to Caravela, an all-day dining restaurant located on the premises which offer world-cuisine in the house of Taj. The restaurant is famous for Mediterranean and North Indian cuisine which are irresistible to taste with a view of Sea. Known to be following timing-based restaurant, Al-la-Carte Breakfast is served from 07:30 – 11:30 hrs which includes cut fruit, fruit juice, porridge, Paratha, Dosa, waffles, pancake etc. Signature Dishes of Taj are available from 11:30-23:30 hrs which includes Wraps, Rolls and Salads. Idli, Poori, Paratha and Rajma Chawal comes under comfort food which is available from 12:30-19:00 hrs. Appetizers and European dish which are available from 12:30-16:00 and 19:00-22:30hrs have some amazing Bruschetta, Pasta, Wings, Salads, Veloute, Minestrone and Seafood bisque available. The main course, Pasta and Risotto, Pizza, Sandwich and Burgers, Goan and North Indian Speciality dishes are available along with Kids selection which includes less spice are available at select timing. End your scrumptious meal with a dessert which includes sweets like Jamun, Rasmalai, Fruit platter and Ice-cream available here.

Drift Bar:Enjoy your favourite Cocktail & Mocktail at Drift Bar, located in Taj Holiday Village. Look over the seashore and see the sunset ending a colourful day bring on colourful nightlife with nice dance music being played in the background. The menu includes some Wines both Indian and International on the list, Cocktails, Shots, Aperitif, tequila, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Cognac, Single Malt, Scotch/Whiskey, Liqueurs and traditional Goan Fenny for alcoholics and a selected list of Mocktails and fruit juice are available for non-alcoholics. Enjoy the drink while a picturesque view of the ocean and sunsets ending a busy day of one’s hectic schedule and with nice music at the background you can groove and enjoy your stay at The Taj Holiday Village Resort and Spa.

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