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Gastronomical Adventure at Feast, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel

MacroTraveller was recently invited for the specially curated menu which is designed by the award-winning super-skilled chef and good friend, Nitin Bajaj, an innovative and skilled culinary expert. He recently won an award for Contemporary Best Presentation of Forgotten Recipe at India Level at Go Cheese Indian Chef Awards 2018 and also awarded as Best Chef of the year (2017) by Times Food Award (Jaipur).

Our culinary world has always been an enthralling one, and in recent years it has earned a lot of popularity as chefs themselves are coming to the forefront and presenting their skills to the world. Chef’s Table is a concept adapted by chefs to showcase their food and their inspiration into cooking.

The month-long fest will feature some of his signature dishes like the Tomato Acqua and the Earl Grey Tea Cured Salmon which will be a treat to our plate leaving a lasting effect of an explosion of flavours. MacroTraveller had a specially curated degustation 7-course menu that will take you on a gastronomical adventure into Modern European cuisine. The European sorts one of the most celebrated culinary canvases in the world. So modern European cuisine is one that experiments with techniques and ideas from many different countries. The signature dishes Tomato Acqua with Cucumber Risotto with silver leaf was something different and unique.

Discover the flavours of modern European cuisine and tickle your taste buds with exotic delicacies. Here is my menu at Feast!

Amuse Bouche – The European classic of the menu and I praise the taste because it is one of the tastiest mouth amusers. It is full of exceptional flavours and gives a fresh nourishing element to any food setting.

Next up was Beet Carpaccio, Floral Honey Ricotta, and Citrus and Rucola. This was impressive, yet effortless starter gives you the perfect refreshing and sweet taste. Beet Carpaccio is an actual power salad and vegan starter.

For non-vegetarians you can try Earl Grey Tea Cured Salmon. This was an excellent and almost strong dish. My friends said the meat was tender and the flavour is delicate. You can also try a midwestern classic Pickled Beets and Sago.

I loved the typical warm soup of Tomato Acqua. I recommend you to try it. Then I tried Cucumber Risotto, and it was light and refreshing risotto.  Silver Leaf was something different and unique.

The virtue of sorbet lies in its simplicity, and I loved Sorbet.

You can try Lobster & Granny Smith Tortellini. Try the chive-flavoured cream cheese and dill oil. I tried vegan wild mushroom tortellini, and this dish brings the wonderful flavours. Even I tasted Toasted Oats, Sage, and Pecan Nut Butter along with Truffle Air

A perfect centrepiece for the Chef’s Table for non-vegetarians. Lamb loin en sous vide, my friend told it was blended together the rosemary, garlic, thyme, and oil. It was seasoned with salt and pepper. You can also try black rice carbonara represents a classic of the Italian culinary tradition, and you must try this with carrot onion spinach.

Roasted kabocha brushed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, roasted until tender. It was a fantastic dish to try with parmesan. Truffle choux buns make fantastic feast canapés, and you won’t be disappointed. Other things I tried were Charred asparagus and moutarde cream, and it was excellent and refreshing.

Last but not least! The final course of ‘Chef’s Creation’ was extraordinary.

Drop in now to enjoy a varied fare of exquisite dishes.

Venue: Feast, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel

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