Destination Thailand

From July 01, Thailand does not require a Thailand pass and health registration

Foreign travellers visiting Thailand have a piece of good news is there no longer a requirement for Thailand Pass registration and the US$10,000 health insurance which was necessary up until now to visit the beautiful SE Asian nation.

This requirement will be lifted from July 01 for foreign nationals, however, the requirement was lifted for Thai residents starting June 01 itself.

If you are planning a visit to Thailand, you should, however, still, need to show either in print or digital copy of your vaccination certificate or a negative RT-PCR or a professional ATK (Antigen Test Kit) test result within 72 hours of travel.

There might be a surprise or random checks at the airport upon arrival or land border arrival in 22 out of 77 provinces. And those who are found unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, or those unable to show proof of a negative pre-arrival test will have to undergo the antigen test by a professional.

All 77 provinces in Thailand are green zones, meaning normal activities are now allowed and there are no more COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions.

But it is expected that travellers need to follow SOP and guidelines set across by the government for the safety of themselves and safety of others around them

Now, with all borders open, and international travels taking place, Thailand is definitely on the post-pandemic stage. Keeping this and the safety of the residents in mind, the Royal Thai Government will very soon announce a new set of guidelines for the residents as well as foreign travellers.

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