France relaxes all travel restrictions

Starting August 01, France has relaxed all travel restrictions for International Arrivals.  

All rules that previously applied to international travellers, such as producing COVID certificates, submitting a sworn declaration stating that the concerned traveller is not infected with the virus, and pledging to take antigen tests upon their arrival in France have been lifted according to the new rules. 

This relaxation applies to mainland France and its overseas territories.  

Apart from this, France has recently lifted other covid regulations such as the COVID mask rule on public transport, taxis, and any establishments open to the public. 

However, one needs to wear a mask when they are in enclosed spaces such as hotels, clubs or any large public gathering to keep themselves safe.  

France recently saw a big drop in covid cases, hence the country decided to let go of all rules and regulations related to covid.  

The French authorities also highlighted that though now all restrictions are lifted, in case there is another deadly health threat from the virus, the country might reintroduce the restrictions.

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