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For Indians going abroad, the Kerala government would issue vaccine certificate with passport numbers

The Kerala government is going to issue a special vaccine certificate where they would mention the person’s passport number will be mentioned along with the type of vaccine that the tourist has taken. With this many Keralites employed in the Gulf countries would be helped. A special format of this certificate has been approved by the government, and the District Medical officers have been authorized with the task to issue these certificates.

Many countries which are being opened for tourists are demanding vaccine certificates and in such time, these certificates are mandatory hence Kerala government has decided to issue them to travelers. These certificates will have the passport numbers of the travelers which is a requirement of many countries.

When you register for vaccination using CoWin portal, one needs to submit ID proof which will help to get a Covid-19 vaccination certificate. However, submitting aadhar details and other documents did not get clearance to travel abroad hence there was confusion.

A new format of the application was approved where they mention the name of the vaccine including the name of the manufacturer will be mentioned.

Additionally, the second dose of vaccine has been rescheduled from 4 to 6 weeks to 12 to 16 weeks. The Kerala government has allowed people who risk losing their jobs abroad to take the vaccination as mentioned previously, but for the rest, the CoWin portal will schedule the second dose of vaccination after 12 to 16 weeks after the first dose of administration.

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