Food experience at Maharaja Indian Restaurant, Ramses Hilton in Cairo, Egypt

Ramses Hilton in Cairo is one of the upscale restaurants and you can try a variety of cuisines at the restaurant where Hilton has around 4 restaurants, 2 cafes and bars. You can try the Mediterranean, Indian, Grilled, oriental and local cuisine here. On my visit to Hilton Ramses, I tried their famous restaurant which provides Indian Cuisine called Maharaja Indian Restaurant.

Maharaja Indian Restaurant on first you notice how the restaurant is intricately designed with Indian Artwork and Wooden Flooring. This gives one a feeling of a king entering a dining place which is true to its name ‘Maharaja’. Serving traditional, contemporary Indian dishes you can notice the chef’s here preparing the food in Tandoori oven or you can notice Naan being cooked here right in front of your eyes.

One of the famous restaurants in Cairo, Maharaja Indian Restaurant has won not once but 4 times as a best Indian Restaurant from cairo360 awards which is one of Cairo’s leading online guide, this tells you that the food prepared here is one of the finest and tasteful selection which will make your mouth full of a flavourful explosion.

The restaurant is open from 13:00 – 16:00 and from 18:00 – 23:00hrs every day and you will be served with Starters, Main course and desserts.  On visiting the restaurant, I was impressed with the design and decor also with the silverware and cutlery provided. This made me feel that It was worth a visit and made me tempted to order some of the dishes which were mentioned in the menu.

Upon the food being arrived, I was impressed with the taste and quantity. The taste of home hit my senses on the first bite which I was craving for. I tried their various vegetarian dishes and was impressed with the food.

Maharaja is one of the biggest names in Egypt serving Indian food, they have 9 branches in Cairo and one of their branches is present in Hilton Ramses hotel. If you are non-Indian visiting this restaurant, then be prepared to be welcomed with intricate designs and continuous Indian contemporary and Bollywood movie songs.  Kindly ask the waiters for a good recommendation and spice levels, as they tend to recommend you the best dishes to try out depending on one’s taste.


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