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Food experience at Bayazhan Restaurant Gaziantep, Turkey

Bayazhan Restaurant is a Turkish restaurant located in Gaziantep, Turkey. The restaurant has traditional Turkish cuisine along with world cuisines. The restaurant is popular in Gaziantep, Turkey and is also a vegetarian-friendly restaurant.

Bayazhan Restaurant is a huge restaurant where they have both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The indoor is beautiful with its stone-clad walls and some of the beautiful ornate designs, and the outdoor has a spacious seating arrangement under the sky along with shrubs and water fountain. The inside of the restaurant features many pillars with ambient lighting that makes Bayazhan a perfect place for wine and dine. Live music will be played here so you can have your favourite dish along with live music and enjoy the evening with good food and happiness.

Bayazhan is one of the local favourite restaurants where you can have traditional Turkish dishes along with Pizza, Sandwich, Burger etc. There is a kid-friendly menu present here that makes it easy for a family to visit. One additional helpful thing here is the availability of Vegetarian food that makes it easy for even vegetarian to try the food that is being served here.  The dishes served here are of perfect quantity and taste, served in designed cutlery and are healthy where they use good quality ingredients. Also, they have the availability of the drinks where you can order your favourite glass of champagne or a mocktail/cocktail or just a glass of your favourite wine.  You can find the restaurant usually full during evenings which tells you how good the restaurant is.

Bayazhan Restaurant is easily identifiable as it is located near the corner street of Gaziantep and when you visit the same in the evening, it will be well lit with lights and designer lights in the front which makes it look photographically beautiful. The menu is decently priced and it does not burn a hole in the pocket as you might expect it to be. They welcome the guests with a smile and also you can notice many paintings and wall hangings present here once you enter the restaurant. So when you are in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey do not forget to try out the food here at Bayazhan Restaurant.

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