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Fly to Singapore just like a Baby by Tigerair !!!

One of the most sought after destinations for tourists across the world is Singapore and for the known reason.Travelling to Singapore has become very accessible and easy.You can just fly to Singapore from Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad at your convenience.To travel easy and economically in style.

As I arrived at the Bangalore International Airport(KIAL) to travel to Singapore.The easiest way was Tigerair TR 2653 which flies daily from BLR to SG and it is a midnight flight 1:05 AM IST and reaches Singapore at 8:15 AM and the same flight returns back to Bangalore by 10:00 PM IST.Thus, you wouldn’t waste time travelling during the day and can happily sleep thru your travel like a baby.The schedules were well planned.

The check-in and the baggage process was very easy and smooth and the attendants were courteous enough to help us with the baggage and check-in as well and trust me, even a kid can travel easily without any hassle.



We waited in the lounge after the immigrations and finally we got to board the flight.Again,t he crew was good enough to allow the old people to go in first and also allow people to go in based on rows.As I entered the flight,W as well greeted by the air hostess.


As I reached out to my seat and kept my baggage, was the Black leather type sea were inviting and looked posh and had good leg room in every seat that you don’t feel cramped and doesn’t feel like a budget airlines where intricate details are taken care of. For keeping yourself engaged, Tiger Tales is available which is the in-flight magazine in which you can read about the attractions in Singapore.Also, you can pre-book meals and get hot delicious food based on your requirements.


The pre-booked meals are offered first to the passengers ahead of the regular passengers and also you get ample discount for the same.

As a vegetarian, travelling to south east asian countries, We always face a issue of getting the right kind of veg food and was happy to have Veg moroccan dish and vegetarian tomato koorma.The dishes were strategically priced at S$12.The food was served hot and typically kept me going till singapore and totally worth it.

Finally, We arrived at Singapore and was amazed to see such a fantastic airport like Changi which is world class and its filled with Tigerair aircraft.


Coming to the end of my travel experience of Tigerair.The travel cost is also pretty economical and also to top that due to Singapore’s 50th-year celebrations, lots of new discounts are available for the same.
. You can fly out of Chennai for as low as Rs.8000 or so.

For more information check out Tigerair website at or connect with them on Facebook and twitter.

This was a special invite by Singapore Tourism Board and Tigerair to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Singapore.

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