Five top destinations for when you do not want to meet anyone

Do you enjoy traveling, but do you prefer to encounter as few people as possible? Are not you a chill and do you like a bit of adventure? Then these are the five best holiday destinations for you! You hardly encounter other people at these destinations!

  1. Greenland

If there is one country where you hardly meet other people, it is Greenland. The population density of Greenland is 0.03 / kmĀ², making it the least densely populated country in the world. That has everything to do with the location – the largest part of Greenland consists of ice – and with the cold. In the winter the temperature in the interior can drop to -50 Ā° C and in summer it is still there -10 Ā° C (on the coast it is warmer, especially in the southwest). Why do you want to go there anyway? The coastline with fjords and icebergs is breathtakingly beautiful: just look.

  1. Spitsbergen

The archipelago of Spitsbergen is located a good distance north of Norway – where it also officially belongs. There are no more than a few thousand people living there. The landscape is rugged with high peaks. A great destination for winter snowmobile trips and to spot polar bears. And therefore also a very good destination if you would rather not encounter anyone else: the largest parts of Spitsbergen are completely deserted.

  1. Falkland Islands

About six hundred kilometers from the Argentine coast lie the Falkland Islands. They belong to the United Kingdom, and the population density is slightly higher than in Greenland. But still, this is one of the quietest places on earth. The Falkland Islands are the right destination for people who love peace, space, and nature really a breath of fresh air. Especially when you want to spot penguins, sea elephants and sea lochs in the wild, because that is possible here!

  1. Iceland

Iceland is also one of the countries with the least inhabitants per square kilometer, but Iceland has also become a very popular holiday destination. Although there are not so many people living here – more than 300,000 – there are certainly many holidaymakers here. And you did not want that, right? That can be solved in Iceland: stay away from the Golden and Diamond Circle – legendary routes to drive – and dive into the interior. There you will find untouched nature – with volcanoes and craters – where you can make great hikes without encountering anyone else.

  1. Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the top 20 largest countries in the world. And also Mongolia has three million inhabitants; still, this is one of the least populated countries in the world. The largest part of the country is steppe or grassland. That may not sound super exciting, but it is certainly impressive. The landscape is glowing, and you can look incredibly far. The perfect holiday destination so if you do not want to meet anyone. The Mongols are also known for their unprecedented hospitality, so immerse yourself in their special culture.

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