FitBit Versa 2 review

With ever-changing lifestyle, couch sitting, watching TV and binge eating we are not really concentrating on health and personal lifestyle during recent times which makes our health go for a toss.

To control our mind and body and to remain fit, we are now using various apps, wearables and joining the gym etc. These bring out the limits in our body and let us know how to remain fit and continue our life with a healthy body. One such wearable which has been known worldwide and is making waves from quite years is FitBit.

FitBit a brand created to empower and inspire people to lead a healthy happier life where the products are designed in such a way that they help you seamlessly to achieve the goals which one would have taken of keeping themselves fit. Started in the year 2007, the brand has captured market presence since its inception which helped them to grow exponentially over the years.

The latest Fitbit watch that they have introduced is called FitBit Versa 2, launched in 2019, the versa 2 is a smart wearable that allows one to read, listen, explore and track the steps which they have taken for the day.

The specifications of Versa 2 are that they are made of aluminium, with water resistance up to 50m. The display is of 300x300p AMOLED display, the watch is connected via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. They have an accelerometer, optical heart rate monitor, light sensor, altimeter, vibration motor, NFC, SpO2 sensor. The FitBit versa 2 gives competition to other watches which concentrate on fitness and are priced exorbitantly. It does not only concentrate on fitness where they offer other specifications such as offering message and pop-up notifications, calendar notifications, control home setup, play music etc.

The display and design of Versa 2 are the same as the previous versions where they have the squarical design with new AMOLED Display which is on constantly. It has a depth of 12mm which has heart rate monitor facing the wrist. The screen size is around 40mm which can be conveniently used by all users. The main update based on display that Versa 2 provides is that they have removed the bottom bezel of the display hence we can view the event completely. Compared to versa, versa 2 holds a single button whereas versa had 3 buttons. This one-button makes the handling of the watch easy.

Protected by Gorilla Glass, the AMOLED Display is bright for 300x300pixel screen, you can adjust brightness or you can use auto-brightness settings which will set itself based on the surrounding brightness. The UI has been developed for Versa 2 which makes it easy for users to handle, however as the firmware is getting updated time to time, we can notice many changes in UI. The handling between apps, notifications and the monitor has been improved significantly and the same does not hang when used. FitBit claims that their battery can last around 5 days.

For clock, you can use the FitBit application and according to their new feature, you can add up to 5 clocks. These might be free or paid versions. The app shortcuts are easy and the usage in the watch is easy with all depending on various swipes. Swipe down and you get access to notifications and, by default, you can access Quick Settings, music controls and Fitbit Pay. Quick Settings allows you to toggle the Do Not Disturb, Sleep Mode, always-on display, screen brightness, and screen wake (auto or manual) options.

It is to be noted that the watch is preshipped with Spotify access which can be controlled. However, you do not have the option to listen to an offline version in the app which can be used via Versa 2. But a good thing is they have around 2.5GB reserved for local music storage where you can listen via the stored music. FitBit also comes with integrated Alexa voice assistant, this helps to get in touch with Alexa every time when you wear the watch.

Coming to the main function of FitBit is Fitness concentrated where you can start with exercise option and leave everything under FitBit control. However, the catch is you need to have your Smartphone with you, as the app recognises the GPS system from your Smartphone and track your exercise duration, distance etc. Once done with your exercise only you can notice the statistics which is one major lag as you cannot notice while you are exercising.

FitBit also tracks your sleep, O2 levels, sleep score, REM cycle etc. After the recent update, FitBit launched SmartWake which is where you are woken up slowly and steadily not right on time when you add in your wake up time. This helps you to get up refreshed and continue your day. This can be done while you change your alarm to Smart Alarm.

Additionally, you can use FitBit guided programmes available on the app (which needs subscription) where there are various workouts and regimes which can be done using the watch where they track whatever you are doing and helps you to change your health slowly and steadily. On your purchase of FitBit, you are entitled to a week usage of Premium version of the programme and on your purchase of FitBit Special edition, you can use the premium version for 90 days.

FitBit is priced around 20,999 INR and the Special edition is priced around 22,999 INR. So grab a FitBit and get ready to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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