FitBit Update on Covid-19

As the season of Covid-19 is not stopping, and everyone is on the lockdown we recently published an article stating how FitBit is contributing its users to stay fit while working out at home by offering 40 premium contents for free. This has helped many people a lot by counting their steps and calories while burning off the excess calories which one can gain due a sedentary lifestyle.

Thus being said, FitBit for its contribution to Covid-19 has added one more feature that would be helpful for its users where they added a new tab called FitBit Dashboard. This has been added in the newly updated app, which users can find when they update the newest version of the FitBit app.  This tab is called Covid-19 resource hub which allows users to access tools instantly in order to stay active and healthy from home and stay up-to-date with recent changes/upgrades.

Using this tab in FitBit app helps you to connect with a doctor and also stay with latest informations from World Health Organisation (WHO) with all the details about Covid-19 in order to stay safe and healthy.  If you are not feeling well, you can contact the doctor virtually.

FitBit along with The Scripps Research Institute and Stanford Medicine are trying to find out ways if any wearable data can detect, track or contain infectious disease such as Covid-19. With the use of heartbeat track, sleep activity one can undergo early detection of virus-related illness. This can be done where you give permission to access your heart rate tracking data to the FitBit device and track data in the FitBit app.

In the USA, FitBit Covid-19 Resource Hub has an option to connect with PlushCare doctors virtually and which is where they can address the medical needs of the patients on Ongoing Conditions and Screening of Covid-19. Fit Bit offers 30 days free trial for virtual meeting and you can book an appointment for a test which needs to be paid.

Please note the access to PlushCare virtual appointment is only available for the US users and is not accessible around the world.

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