FitBit teams with Bipasha Basu to celebrate world yoga day

On June 21, the world celebrates International Yoga Day and what better way to celebrate by keeping yourself fit? It is via FitBit.

Teaming up with Bollywood star Bipasha Basu, FitBit will celebrate International Yoga Day to raise the benefits of Yoga and keeping everyone healthy/active during these difficult times.

As a firm believer of Yoga, Bollywood icon Bipasha Basu will interact with users on a live session and share the experience of how time to time, Yoga has emerged to be a great way of rejuvenating source of wellness.

“This is in line with a series of initiatives to support people in maintaining holistic health and wellness since the onset of COVID-19. Yoga has been part of our culture for more than 5000 years. Given the current circumstances, we understand it is important to focus on your health and overall wellness. In our quest to make everyone healthier, we are happy to work with Bipasha ahead of International Yoga Day and further the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government to help people make healthier lifestyle choices,” said Alok Shankar, Country General Manager, Fitbit India.

Bipasha Basu expressing her views she said “Since I started my Yoga journey, it has been a great life-changing experience and has given a new direction to my fitness routine. I think at a time when maintaining that discipline is the biggest challenge for people, easily accessible home workout videos could prove to be really helpful in nudging people and keeping them motivated. Besides, tracking our wellness progress and keeping a tab on the workouts help motivate us as well. I have been streaming some for myself and I really like the fact how it’s personalized for me and suggests workouts as per my style of working out.”

Yoga brings both physical and mental wellness and is not only about the bends or meditation. In Yoga, each asana if done correctly will help to address issues such as stress, digestive disorders, postures and anxiety. With global Pandemic is showing no signs of stoppage, it is important to be healthy and fit which the FitBit is helping the community. With their series of free courses, free trials and COVID-19 resource hub, Fit Bit is helping communities overcome illness and keep oneself fit to ward off diseases. I with the help of FitBit and some of the Yoga asanas, have lost 36kgs in a matter of 4 months and I am thankful that due to Fitbit and art of Yoga I managed to shed off those extra kilos which had hampered my daily activities. It feels light and I feel energetic every day working out and doing yoga which I have been following daily. Also, some of the tips/tricks and diet activities have been showcasing in my youtube channel which you can subscribe to.

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