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Fitbit Surge – Fitness Super Watch

The Fitbit Surge Super watch is the first Fitbit with built-in GPS for speed and distance, and it also has continuous strapless monitoring of heart rate. It does what other Fitbit’s do – counting steps, distance, calories, floors, and tracking sleep. When you pair it with a compatible phone, you can get notifications received, read incoming text messages, and control your music during the workout. It is a very smart pedometer smartwatch.Who will love the Fitbit Surge?

The Surge is built for hikers and runners who want to use GPS and heart rate to track their training speed, exercise distance and intensity, and who do not want to switch to another device all day to track steps, calories, and sleep.


It is smooth enough for either men or women to wear all day like a watch. Then, if you want to track a workout, you do not need to wear a heart rate monitor belt or use a separate application or device to track your speed and distance using GPS. You can see everything on the wrist, and then see more details (including a map of your route) after synchronization to the app or online dashboard.

If you already have your activity with another Fitbit model tracking, you can easily switch your same account to Surge and continue with the same story, app and profile.

Fitbit Surge – On the wrist!

The Surge is worn as a wrist watch with a soft elastomeric strap and typical (secure!) Wristwatch Buckle.

It just comes in black at this time, and the strap is not interchangeable. It is best to wear it with a finger width of your wrist bone or slightly higher on the arm for the accuracy of the heart rate monitor. Your pulse is read via its Purepulse Sensors LED on the back of the watch.

The Surge has a monochrome touchscreen, with the clock or other screens always visible and it has an automatic backlight. I found it easy to read with my aging eyes. The clock screen has a selection of different time displays, all of which display only the hours and minutes (no seconds), and some also show the date. I draw the flare screen, which shows your activity per minute.

Swipe the touchscreen screens to show your current heart rate, daily steps to see, distance, calorie consumption, and soils climbed.

Press the Home button to track training units and manage vibration alarms. You can view incoming calls and read incoming messages on the screen when your paired phone is within 20 feet. I was able to get texts when my phone was down at the opposite end of my house (probably over 50 feet away) which was impressive.

Charging and battery life: The Surge has a recharge time of up to 7 days when you are not using the GPS function. The battery will only last over 5 hours of GPS tracking activity, and they recommend using the battery it according to the GPS function. It has its own USB cable for charging.

Is the Fitbit Surge Waterproof? No, it is splash-proof, but they recommend against swimming or showering while wearing. Showering should not hurt it, but Fitbit would like you to give your wrist some air and take it in the shower will prevent your wrists from cleaning rashes.Setting up the Fitbit Surge: You must either set up a computer or a smartphone or use the Surge Fitbit. It synchronizes wirelessly to a USB dongle on a computer or via Bluetooth 4.0 to the mobile app (iOS and Android).

Bottom Line on the Fitbit Surge!

I loved the GPS and heart rate features of Fitbit Surge. It is an excellent all-in-one fitness tracking device for runners and walkers. I also have the incoming calls and SMS messages. It has all the other necessary Fitbit features for the steps, calories and sleep tracking. Above all, I liked the Flare clock display; to show me how active I’d been within an hour.

The price tag of the Surge puts them in the realm of smartwatches, and it may be that you would instead want an Apple watch.

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