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First Indian to visit inside of Djoser Pyramid in 90 years, Memphis in Egypt

When you are travelling to Egypt, you would not surely miss the visit to the great pyramids. Fortunately, when I was in Egypt news came in that Pyramid Djoser is opened to the public after 14 years and what a right a moment when this happened while I was at Egypt. Hence, I set off to visit the newly opened Pyramid which is one of the world’s first pyramid.

Pyramid Djoser was built around 4,600 years ago and houses the tomb of Pharaoh Djoser who was one of the very first Pharoah who ruled Egypt for 19 years. It is also known as Step Pyramid and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was built by an architect named Imhotep who is considered as the first architect. He designed the pyramid to house the coffin of Pharoah Djoser where he devised a new structure which is made up of 6-layers of stone that got smaller when ascended. This design was meant to make the pharaoh reach heaven and this was meant to be the stairway to heaven.

Pyramid Djoser stands 60m tall and it consists of 6 stacked steps over the burial shaft tomb which is around 28m deep and 7m wide. Inside the pyramid, a complex of halls and courts are located which can be explored when you visit the pyramid.

According to the Egyptian state news outlet Al-Ahram, the Djoser pyramid is the world’s oldest monumental stone building, the pyramid had sustained a lot of damage during the 1992 earthquake and sustained more damage and was in the verge of collapse when renovations began in the year 2006. 

The pyramid is located in Memphis, which is around 20 miles from Cairo and was once a capital for Old Egyptian rulers. It is one of the first pyramids that was constructed for a pharaoh, before that the bodies of pharaohs were buried, also this was one of the first to use limestone bricks before this building was built using wood, mud-brick.  The pyramid was first excavated in 1926 by French Architect Jean Philippe Lauer.

The newly opened pyramid has 3 miles of labyrinths where the workers before had built false staircases, doorways and chambers to avoid the thieves. The staircase to the centre of the pyramid is narrow and deep. On your way to the tomb, you notice many stone carvings, the designs are intricate and makes you wonder how the pyramid was constructed then.

At the centre you notice the Burial place of Pharoah Djoser which is located around 27m below the surface, the burial is lighted after the restoration, the burial is said to have been closed by 3.5-tonne block of granite.

It was an informative and exhilarating experience to explore the newly opened Pyramid of Djoser after 14 years of restoration work.

Destination Egypt
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