Finland ranked the happiest country in the world for the fourth time in a row.

For the fourth time in a row, Finland has been crowned as the happiest country in the world as per the United Nations World Happiness Report.

Heli Jeminez, senior director of International marketing at Business Finland stated in a press release that Finnish happiness isn’t skin deep and immediately visible, yet it is deeply engraved in their culture. He added, “Sustainable happiness is our superpower, and it means we tend to take life as it comes — a trait that is helping us through these challenging times.”

The report has been published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, this is a global initiative for the United Nations. This year due to the pandemic there have been changes with the report where it focused on the effects of covid-19 and how people fared this time.

The report further added that their aim for two-fold: First is to focus on the effect of Covid-19 on the quality and structure of people’s lives and the second thing is to evaluate how governments across the world dealt with the pandemic. The report further added the studies of how some of the countries could do a better job than the others.

Finland, even though the country faced the deadly pandemic still managed to grab the top position. For people who are keen to experience happiness, Finland has few key activities such as relaxing and reconnecting with nature, explore the lakes, and part-taking in the Finnish tradition of sitting in a sauna.

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