Finland allows free entry for vaccinated tourists if you are carrying a vaccination certificate

Starting 26th July, (Monday) onwards Finland will allow vaccinated tourists after they show coronavirus vaccine certificate. However, the vaccine should be recognized by the Finnish government. Currently, the government approved seven vaccines and it does not include Russian-developed Sputnik V.

According to local media reports, travellers need to show their vaccine certificates upon arrival. Tourists should have received the final shot of the vaccine a minimum of 14 days earlier. Kids less than aged 18 will be allowed to enter with their parents without the certificate.

The government of Finland will also remove the travel restrictions for those travelling from other parts of the European Area and the Schengen area. This will help travellers visiting from the EU and Schengen area to travel to Finland freely if they have been fully vaccinated.

Internal borders were supposed to open recently however, the decision was postponed for 2 weeks due to the rising number of covid cases. Thus, passengers coming from high-risk countries, which includes nations with a two-week incidence of more than 10 cases for 100,000 inhabitants will need to get tested if they fail to show vaccine certificate.

Those without a certificate will have to take 2 tests, one immediately upon arrival and the next after 3-4 days of arrival.

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