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Feast at the best of Restaurants at #ITCGrandBharat #MacroTraveller

The ITC chain manages the Grand Bharat, a five-star hotel that masterfully sums up the concept of Asian luxury and is located about fifty minutes from Delhi in the ancient city ​​of Aravalli.

Unique gastronome experiences envisaged at the retreat with a ‘Well-Being’ chef at the helm. At ITC Grand Bharat, the ‘well-being’ kitchens have reimagined the finest cuisines that go beyond European classics, to reconstruct low-calorie gourmet experiences and flavors of Asia, as well as India. Dining options include the ‘Aravali Pavilion’ (3-meal period restaurant) showcasing Modern India Mosaics, ‘The India Room’ (debuting Creative European Classics), the ‘Peacock Bar’ and ‘Apas Promenade’.


The Aravali Pavilion at ITC Grand Bharat is the retreat’s charming bistro and three-meal period restaurant. The warm interiors with its murals and cork floors are home to unique culinary concepts such as ‘Swasthya’ cuisine; eating for health and taste, the debut of ‘Modern India Mosaics’ and ITC Hotels’ Signature Mornings, ‘Best of Pavilion’, ‘The Express Wok’ and ‘Local Love’.


Beautifully decorated entryway and one of the best restaurant in India. I had an excellent and royal feel having lunch. The staff was very courteous, and all the food options were fascinating. It has to be one of the best foods I’ve had. The expert chefs nicely made Indian veg delicacies. The best part of this is that the food can be customized to your choice
SIGNATURE CREATIONS: Swasthya Cuisine, Local Love, The Express Wok. Avg. Meal for 2: Rs.2500

THE INDIA ROOMThe India Room showcases ‘Creative European Classics’, albeit in modern renderings, in a setting which resonates with the pomp and pageantry of that era. The India Room exhibit ‘Creative European Classics’, albeit in modern renderings, in an environment which resonates with the pomp and pageantry of that era. The restaurant celebrates the continent’s engagement with India. Primarily a ‘dinner only’ place, it serves lunch only on weekends.

The plush interiors in a royal blue and gold theme feature magnificent chandeliers set against silk and French windows that open into the Sunset Boulevard, offering an option to dine al fresco. The cuisine, which is artistic renditions of French, Greek, Roman, Dutch and British classics is complemented by the ritualistic service and relives the erstwhile charm of ceremonial fine dining.


Some of the signature highlights of The India Room include Gouda Soufflé with Paprika Sauce, Aubergine Tortellini with Piquillo Pepper Coulis, Pesto and Parmesan Crisps. Devilled Prawns Chartreuse Flamed with Tomato Chilli Jam, Slow Cooked Juniper Lamb or New Zealand Lamb Chops with Jaipur Lamb Shoulder, Spinach and Rosemary Jus and Citrus Espresso Éclairs amongst others. Avg. Meal for 2: Rs.8000


India Room highly recommended. So long as you know that you will be treated to European, not Indian food!

Inspired by the national bird of India – Peacock Bar is an ideal place to unwind and indulge in the retreat’s extensive wine, malt library and complemented by Molecular Mixology inspired Classic Cocktails.


The theatrics of the mixologist blend with the mild jazz strains, abetting the energy of the bar. The unique service design that is intended to delight and surprise with dramatic culminations at the table. Embodying its name is the piece de résistance of the bar; stained glass, peacock motif, inspired by the fables of India.

The peacock bar offers exceptional cocktails while the free spa treatment (that comes in the spa/well packaged) is perfect for rejuvenation.

SIGNATURE CREATIONS: Cigar Smoked Old Fashioned and A molecular Cosmopolitan. Avg. Meal for 2: Rs.4000

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