Fall in Love with the Most Romantic Gardens in the World

When we are in love, it does not matter where we are going while we walk hand in hand with our better half. However, some sites recreate our sight and become favorite walks to go with our partner. MacroTraveller recommends that you take a look at the following article, visit the most romantic gardens in the world, those that will inspire you and trap you without remedy.

The Most Romantic Gardens in the World | #MacroTraveller

Enjoying its paths, its flowers, its ponds and the best company is the plan on this occasion. These are some of the most romantic gardens that exist:

  1. Gardens of Giverny, France

I could not start this list with another garden that was not a French one, the country where love floats in the air. Giverny is a village in the north of the country known by fans of Monet and Impressionism. Here the artist lived between 1883 and 1926 (when he died), and his house has a beautiful garden full of flowers. Tell the story that Giverny saw through the train window and fell in love with the place.

In the northern part of the gardens is Clos Normand, with a residence painted pastel pink and the Study of the Water Lilies. We can also visit the Water Garden, with its Japanese bridge and its water lily pond that inspired Monet.

  1. Lodhi Garden, India

This beautiful garden is located in the city of New Delhi and is located in a place with no less than 5000 years of history. In its more than 36 hectares, these gardens contain tombs of outstanding people surrounded by exotic plants.

The avenue of the Royal Palm Trees was raised when the englishes were owners and lords of the town. Many of the trunks have carved the initials of couples in love who passed through here.

  1. Garden of Ninfa, Italy

Just 40 kilometers from Rome, this garden is worth a visit. Located on the ruins of the medieval city in the Cisterna di Latina or Tres Tabernae, it has been declared a Natural Monument and can only be visited a few days a year. Ninfa has been described as “the most romantic garden in the world.

The original gardens were destroyed in 1381, and ivy buried their ruins. A century ago they rediscovered and reformed. It hides streams, bridges, 1300 herbaceous species, tropical plants and 152 species of birds in its 8 hectares of extension.

  1. Koishikawa Korakuen, Japan

Tokyo is a city that perfectly combines modernism with tradition. In a few streets away we find bustling avenues and quiet parks like Koishikawa Korakuen, one of the most romantic gardens you can imagine.

The ruby ​​leaves of the trees will attract your attention, and once you enter this beautiful garden, you will not want to leave it. It was built between 1600 and 1867 and has been preserved since then. It is a symbol of love between a leader and his people.

  1. Gardens of Sissinghurst Castle, England

The exteriors of one of the oldest castles in Britain, in Kent, are gorgeous. The construction of the gardens should be grateful to the writer Vita Sackville West and her husband, Harold Nicolson. They decided in 1930 to create a romantic and very English corner for their walks. The park is formed by rooms or spaces separated by hedges and differentiated by colors.

  1. Abkhazi Garden, Canada

The history of this garden is so romantic that it is worth telling. Peggy Pemberton Carter and the exiled prince Nicholas Abkhazi met in Paris in 1920 and fell in love at first sight. They start a relationship and when the First World War begins, and both are taken to different prison camps.

Peggy can run away and travel to Victoria, where she buys a small, rocky plot where she builds a garden. Later Nicolás leaves prison alive and goes to the place chosen by his beloved. After getting married, they continue working in the park where they live very close for years.

Other romantic gardens that you cannot miss are the Innisfree Garden in New York, the Güell Park in Barcelona, ​​Isola Bella in the Italian Lake Maggiore or the Generalife Gardens in Granada.

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