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Experience the Pyramids Light and Sound show in Giza

One of the highlights of Egypt trip is the Pyramid Light and Sound Show which will be held daily at The Great Pyramids of Giza.

Enjoy the spectacular evening watching the famous Sound and Light show at The Great Pyramids of Giza. When visited in the morning you can explore the pyramids and at night it completely changes when you can experience a night with Lights, Lasers and Visual Projections that brings back the history of Egypt.

The light show lasts 1 hour starts from 19:00hrs from October to April and from 19:30hrs during the months of May to September. And during the holy month of Ramzan, the starting time will be from 20:30hrs. The show will be held in English, however, depending on the demand, consecutive shows might be held in other languages such as Italian, Spanish, French, and German etc.

The show is held near the Great Pyramids and The Great Sphinx where the Sphinx in this context transforms into a storyteller. Where the sphinx narrates the brief history of Egypt, the pharaohs and people who built the pyramids. This is done with a dramatic soundtrack which in the sense builds suspicion.

You get to witness and listen to how the pyramids were constructed, the visual representation is something phenomenal to witness. There will be the story of how Egypt originated, the story of how the Mummification process is done, how pyramids were constructed. This is included with visuals of hues, symbols and hieroglyphs.

The show will be held at Giza Plateau in Egypt which is located around 30 minutes from Cairo, hotel pick-up facility is available from every hotel and they drop you directly to the Giza Plateau once you book your tickets and choose the designated pick-up place. The experience of Light and Sound show at Pyramids is one of the must-to-do and it is worth the price to visit this.  The tickets for the show are priced at 19.61$ for adults, 9.80$ for Children aged 6-11 years and the VIP tickets are priced at 22.88$ where you get the front row seats.

Also, do keep in mind that this is done near to the Pyramids and is an open space, kindly wear warm clothes to stay safe from harsh desert conditions.


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