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Experience Australian Farm Life at Paradise Country

Paradise Farm or Paradise Country Farm is located in Queensland’s second largest city Gold Coast, the northwest suburb of Gold Coast city about 20 kilometers drive from the 12-hectare, it is used to show a livestock farm.Paradise Farms fully reflects the Gold Coast’s traditional Australian village culture, is a family excursion to experience the authentic Australian farm style place. The farm offers a variety of experiential activities: you can feed friendly kangaroos, visit Koala Village, group photos with the favorite bear, visit the Sheep Shearing Show and marvel at the skills of a shearing master, or watch the Ram Parade show. The new “Paradise Country Gold Fossicking,” which is currently being launched, makes you excited and excited by the original experience of looking for gold, silver, and jewelry. Have you ever wondered how it feels to work in a real Opao mine? Now, with the new Clancy’s Opal Mine, you will be able to feel for yourself and experience the throbbing of opal in a slimy pit. Kids will love Animal Nursery because they have super cute lambs, piglets, and calves. You can watch a sheep show and watch the shepherds and sheepdogs surround the flock. Shepherds whip the sheep and enjoy the authentic Australian farm experience. You can also go to the farmhouse restaurant for a rustic meal. At noon you can enjoy delicious buffet-style barbecue dishes, accompanied by a beautiful Australian song.


#MacroTraveller’s Recommended Activities:

Horse Riding, Sheep, and Dog Performance: Here you are experiencing real Australian farm life, especially how farmer and shepherd can drive and control the flock. At the same time, you can also watch them perform throwing backs and whips and another whip. Along the way, you’ll see animals such as horses, emus, cows, goats, and chicken.


Squeezing Milk: Cows for the freshest milk in Australia farm is a fixed daily work, where tourists crowded their own hands, but also some meaning. But these are general items.Shearing Wool: Watch the most experienced ranch workers performing wool and sheep exhibition, this is paradise farm one of the signs. In the process of shearing wool, shearing people will also ask the tourists to experience the joy of shearing wool.Kangaroo and Koala: Kangaroo and Koala can be seen here too. Both animals can be said to be Australia’s “national treasure.” Visitors can feed themselves kangaroos near the bush where kangaroos live, and in Koala village, they can also take pictures of Australia’s cutest koalas (fee applies).


Visit the Australian House: Here you can also see the traditional Australian homes, and there are souvenir shops for the selection of inexpensive specials when accompanied.


In Paradise Farm, you can enjoy close contact with rare animals in Australia.

This “paradise farm” is specially designed for tourists to visit and set up; the farm has a large number of cattle, sheep and stay-goose llamas, but also owns Australia’s rare animals. Cute koalas, big birds, honest and straightforward Kangaroo, these three animals are living in the Oceania continent of endemic wild animal species. The farm also features traditional Australian farm shears, equestrianism, cowboy whip, shepherd sheep, milking cows and other offerings.

Koala is Australia’s national treasure and Australia’s precious original arboreal animals. Koalas love to sleep, is the world’s longest sleep animal, a daily average of 18-22 hours in sleep and rest, only the remaining 4 hours for feeding and activity.


Koala because of his gentle nature, honest and straightforward body deeply loved by people from all over the world comes here and they want to take pictures of the lazy koala. Paradise Farm’s photo of koala hug is charged (you need to pay), but a lot of people line up daily images. In order not to disturb the koala’s sleep, by many koala rotations with the tourists taking pictures, they provide visitors to be photographed Koala only half an hour a day, from this point of view Australia’s protection of animals is strict!

Paradise farmstead, free-standing with many kangaroos, these kangaroos are free to play, not afraid of people at all, and some take the initiative to tourists, some are still very willing to take pictures with tourists it!

Kangaroo is a symbol of Australia, the Australian emblem, as well as some Australian currency, has a pattern of kangaroos. Many Australian organizations, such as Qantas, also use kangaroos as their signature. Kangaroo also commonly used as an Australian national logo, such as the green triangle kangaroo used to represent Australia.You see “alpaca” looks like a sheep, head like a camel, neck slender, no hump; it perches at an altitude of 4000 meters on the plateau.

Open-air performance, incredible funny farm performances!

Visit the rare animals in Australia, leisurely on the open-air farm. Equestrian performances, crowding milk, farmer and shepherd driving and flock control can be viewed at this performance venue, and you can also participate in their performances in person.


Milking cows, a regular daily work in Australian farm, where visitors can also squeeze their own hands, allowing you to experience the fun of squeezing out fresh milk on the spot.

Shearing wool show at paradise farm!

After watching the open-air performance, leisurely went to the indoor museum to watch shearing performances, this is paradise farm signs, in the process of cutting wool, but they invited MacroTraveller to participate in shearing wool.

In the past shearing shears are all large scissors, labor-intensive, farm workers are now using electricity scissors. A shearing skill day can cut one or two hundred sheep!


#MacroTraveller had visited Gold Coast as part of the regional media FAM trip organized by AirAsia X along with Tourism and Events Queensland and Gold Coast Tourism in conjunction with AirAsia X 10th anniversary.

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