Ethiopia agreed to form Travel Bubble with India

One of the latest countries to agree to form a travel bubble with India is Ethiopia.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation announced in their latest tweet where they said, “Attention travellers! An air travel arrangement has been established between India and Ethiopia. Designated carriers of both countries are permitted to operate flights between the two countries. Please plan your travels accordingly.”

And accordingly, flight from and to Ethiopia are operational with set guidelines which include:

From India to Ethiopia

  • Residents of Ethiopia, stranded nationals, or foreign travellers traveling to Africa with transit in Ethiopia can travel to Ethiopia.
  • Any Indian national traveling to Africa and should hold a valid visa for the destination country. In such a case, the airline should be concerned and responsible to ensure that there are no travel restrictions for Indian nationals to enter the foreign country with a particular visa category before a boarding pass is issued to them.
  • People traveling via Sea and those who hold Indian Passports would have to get clearance from the Ministry of Shipping and should be destined to countries of Africa only.

From Ethiopia to India

  • Indian nationals who are stranded in any countries in Africa.
  • All Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizen of Indian (OCI) cardholders holding valid passports.
  • All foreign nationals from any countries in Africa and those except those holding tourist visas and are intending to visit India for any purpose.
  • People traveling via Sea from any African countries.

Currently, Including Ethiopia, India shares a bi-lateral travel agreement with the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Canada, Bhutan, France, Kenya, Iraq, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Maldives, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

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