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England announces new quarantine exemptions for “high-value” business travelers.

England announced new quarantine exemptions for certain high-value business travelers, this includes performing artists, journalists, and certain others where they do not have to self-isolate upon arrival to the country.

Currently, all tourists arriving in England need to self-isolate for 14 days unless they are coming from the country which is on the safe-travel list mentioned on the UK Government website.

On Twitter, Grant Shapps the Transport Minister said, “From 4 am on Sat 5th December, high-value business travelers will no longer need to self-isolate when returning to England from a country NOT in a travel corridor, allowing more travel to support the economy and jobs. Conditions apply.” He continued saying “Certain performing arts professionals, TV production staff, journalists, and recently signed elite sportspersons will also be exempt, subject to specific criteria being met.”

Soon after the announcement, the department of transport said that a High-value business exemption would be applied for people undertaking a specific business activity which would deliver a significant benefit to the economy of the United Kingdom. This includes the activity that creates or preserves 50 or more jobs in the UK.

People will only be exempt when undertaking a specific business activity and will be only be allowed to meet during the specific activity.

The ministry of transport also mentioned, “Exemptions will also come into force at the same time for domestic and international performing arts professionals, TV production staff, journalists, and recently signed elite sportspersons, ensuring that industries which require specific, high talent individuals who rely on international connections can continue to complete their work.”

More details about the exemptions will be published in the governmental site when the exemptions come into force.

Previously, the government had announced that people will have the option to undertake Covid-19 tests after 5 days of self-isolation and would be released when the results come back negative. This would be applicable from December 15th onwards and it will be effective for all passengers visiting the UK.


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