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Egypt to test visitors arriving from countries which have a variant strain of coronavirus

Egypt in their recent announcement has said that they would be testing for visitors who arrive from countries where covid-19 variants have appeared. Such tourists would be checked for Rapid Antigen test upon arrival announced the health ministry of Egypt.

Though the statement released by Egypt’s health ministry did not name the countries. But passengers will have to take 15 DNA tests called ID Now to enter the country if they are arriving from Covid-19 strain country.

Egypt tourism stated that the restaurants and coffee shops and hotels will be allowed to operate. But such outlets along with malls will be closed by 9 pm so that tourism in the country doesn’t get affected.

Earlier Egypt had announced that visitors should no longer produce any negative covid-19 report to enter into the country and the announcement was made over the fears that tourists would cancel their plans and holidays fearing this.

However, recently there has been the rise of coronavirus cases in the country where the country has recorded around 1125 new cases and 65 deaths prompting the government to get a little strict and introduce new rules for visitors coming into the country.

Destination Egypt
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