Egypt Isn’t The Country With The Most Pyramids

If you were asked, what is the country with the most pyramids in the world? What would you answer? Egypt? Mexico?

If you have thought of those countries, let me tell you that you are wrong. Egypt is famous for its pyramids, such as the Pyramid of Giza. But how many pyramids are there in Egypt? It only has 138.

The pyramids of Mexico are also popular, in fact in Mexico there is the largest pyramid in the world (The Great Pyramid of Cholula).

The Country with the Most Pyramids in the World?

The answer is Sudan. Yes, Sudan is the country with the most pyramids in the world. It has between 200 and 255 known pyramids, and they were not created by the Egyptians either.

The pyramids of Sudan were built by members of the Kingdom of Kush, an ancient civilization that ruled along the Nile from 1070 BC. C. to 350 d. C.

The Purpose of the Pyramids?

“Like the Egyptians, the Kushites buried their royalty under the pyramids because they believed that this helped souls to reach heaven. But structurally speaking the pyramids are very different. For starters, the Nubian pyramids are much steeper and narrower than the vast Egyptian pyramids. They were also built from staggered stones different from the smooth surfaces of the Egyptian pyramids,” explained Fiona MacDonald, an expert on the subject.

The pyramids that were built in Nubia had the same purpose as those of Egypt, or to pay tribute or serve as an eternal resting place for the numerous kings and queens who ruled over Napata and Meroe. The numbers speak for themselves. The 255 pyramids found today in Sudan are almost double those scattered throughout Egypt.

The pyramids are smaller, for example, the average pyramid of Kushite measures 6 to 30 meters high, while the average Egyptian pyramid measures about 130 meters.

If you want to see Nubia’s largest pyramid, you can find it in Meroe. Located between the fifth and sixth Nile Falls, approximately 100km north of Khartoum, currently the largest city and capital of Sudan. During the Meroitic period, the remains of more than 40 queens and kings were sent to Meroe.

Many Unanswered Questions!

The researchers have many unanswered questions. Did they use the same methods used by the Egyptians? How long did it take to erect them? What happened to the ancient society? Nobody knows the answer.

The royal occupants of the Nubian pyramids were well preserved in the tombs and adorned with jewels, placed in wooden cases. Unfortunately, most have been desecrated and stolen since ancient times. Today the Nubian pyramids are protected and are recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

As we see there are many unsolved mysteries in our curious world. In order to find the answers, a team of experts made a trip to that archaeological zone.

LOOK AT THE VIDEO: The following National Geographic video shows, a team of archaeologists is working on Meroë to solve some doubts, using new technologies such as drones.

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