Easy Workout tips during Lockdown

As you all know due to the rising cases of Coronavirus, the government has extended the lockdown to 03rd of May, 2020 and yes during this crisis many of us have been staying at home which is taking a daily toll on our health and fitness.

During this, we can work out easily from our homes with these easy to follow workout routines so that the body does not feel the miss of the workout routine.  Along with simple diets and working out daily we can improve the health and fitness of our body whilst working from home and continuing our daily duties.

Staying at home for prolonged periods of time can pose a significant challenge for remaining physically active. Sedentary behaviour and low levels of physical activity can have negative effects on the health, well-being, and quality of life of individuals. In these tough times, it is important to build a strong immune system so that it helps us to beat any disease with ease.

Some of the tips that you can follow during the lockdown period are.

Take short breaks during the day.

Long hours of sitting at a place and working will make the body feel uneasy and during this time, take short breaks which helps you to get some activity and you can continue the work after these short breaks. This includes walking within the house, climbing stairs, playing with pet/children, doing household chores etc.

Follow Online exercise class

With many online classes happening and even some providing courses for free, you can join these classes and keep yourself fit. Organisations like CultFit, FitBit etc are providing some premium classes for free where you can enrol and follow the exercise class from them which you can practice. Else, you can always follow the steps in Youtube which one can access for free.


One of the important exercises is to walk, even though it is for short distance/duration keep walking whenever you find the time. Easiest and affordable walking is considered one of the best exercises which one can follow at home.

Take the time of your busy work from home lifestyle and meditate for an hour or two. This helps you to keep your mind free from negative thoughts and also makes you feel free from stress.


One of the ancient traditions in India, Yoga is one of the best morning workout. You can easily follow yoga poses and studies online which if you are a beginner takes time. However, once you gradually progress doing the poses you will like how the body feels light after a session.

Do activities

Activities such as going to the terrace, watching some of the objects at a distance will help you to get the stress off your eyes.   This can be very helpful for people who work on computers for long hours and it needs to be followed by them, however, others can also follow so that they don’t get any stress for their eyes. Other activities also include to take a break every 30-40 minutes away and do basic activities such as walk, hop etc.

Workout at home during the lockdown
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Workout at home during the lockdown