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Dubai launches ‘New Safety Stamp’ for tourists

With tourism slowly beginning in the middle eastern region and Dubai being one of the hot and happening places, Dubai has launched a new way to let people know what places in the city are safe to dine, shop or stay.

‘Dubai Assured’ a new safety stamp that diners and shoppers can notice when they visit hotels, restaurants, shopping complex, F&B outlets and many places of attractions all over the city. This innovative method is an effort to increase tourism and mark Dubai as one of the safest destinations to travel following its opening borders from 7th July.

The ‘Dubai Assured’ Stamp will be first validated by Dubai Tourism, Dubai Economy and Dubai Municipality where the place or restaurant will undergo stringent screenings. Once the screening is done, the stamp will be provided to the restaurants, hotels, F&B outlets and tourist attractions.

If you notice the stamp, then it complies to the fact that the place has undergone quality, health checks and protocols laid down by the Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management.

The stamp will be issued for free of cost, but it should be renewed every 14 days. Under the ‘Dubai Assured’ programme over 1000 establishments have already been validated and verified which makes them eligible to welcome tourists.

So how does the stamp help tourists

This innovative method by Dubai will assure the tourists that they are dining or shopping at a safe place where the risk of contracting coronavirus is low to a minimum.

Speaking about the ‘Dubai Assured’ Stamp, Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General, Dubai Tourism said- ” The compliance programme we have rolled out across the hospitality sector with the wholehearted support of Dubai Economy and Dubai Municipality is not the only testament to the continued efforts being made to further enhance health and safety standards but is also a confidence-boosting measure to reassure travellers that Dubai is one of the world’s safest destinations.”

The tourists who visit Dubai should also follow strict protocols laid by the government. All tourists visiting the country must have valid health insurance. Passengers who do not carry insurance must bear all costs of quarantine and treatment. Those flying to Dubai must also observe precautionary measures including wearing face masks, maintaining two-metre social distancing and washing their hands regularly.

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