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Disneyworld and other US theme parks update mask rules after changes from the CDC.

The CDC recently updated new rules where fully vaccinated people can choose to wear masks both Indoors and outdoors which can be avoided in most places.

Following this update, Disney World and other US Amusement parks updated their latest mask policy based on the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this week.

Masks have been made optional in outdoor areas and pool decks at Walt Disney Inc’s Disney World in Orlando, Florida starting May 15 but there are still guidelines for tourists to enter rides and indoor locations as mentioned on the website.

The Walt Disney Company in their latest statement said, “Face coverings will remain required at all indoor locations, including restaurants, shops, and indoor hotel public areas.” It relaxed the mask policy for most of its outdoor locations.

Another big amusement park, SeaWorld Entertainment Inc said, “All park employees will be required to continue to wear face coverings.”. On Saturday they said that masks will no longer be required for guests of SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Antonio, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Discovery Cove, Aquatica Orlando, and Aquatica San Antonio. However, the guests should be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

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