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Dining Places in New York, Minion Park and Amity Village at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

With many places to dine in Universal Studios, one cannot predict where you would be while you are exploring the theme park. When you feel hungry you can explore the restaurants and dining places located in the region and fill in your hunger.

Dining places in New York.

New York theme area has 5 dining places where you can explore based on a specific set of themed cuisine available here.

  • Finnegan’s Bar & Grill: This is an Irish Pub where you can have western-styled food. Enjoy seasonal cocktails available here where you can enjoy a drink or two after you have explored the theme areas of New York.
  • Louie’s NY Pizza Parlor: Known for Italian Pizzas and Pasta, Louie NY Pizza parlour is situated on 1st floor in an area called Little Italy.
  • Saido: Enjoy Japanese cuisine dishes with looks of Manhattan apartment at Saido.
  • Park Side Grille: Savour some authentic grilled steak and explore dishes from its menu course at the parkside grille. This restaurant has amazing views where you can sit and enjoy amazing dishes with a view.
  • Azzurra di Capri: Inspired by Blue Grotto, Azzurra di Capri is where you can savour oven pizzas cooked on a stone oven.Dining places at Minion Park

Minion Park has 2 restaurants where you can savour some of the amazing gourmet tastes.

  • Delicious Me! The cookie kitchen: Witness the minions cooking delicious cookies with their Minion cookie machine. Enjoy scrumptious cookies baked right in front of you.
  • Pop-A-Nana: Try out various dishes prepared here which consists of banana. Banana being Minions favourite fruit is the main dish here. Try out various dishes prepared here with banana and feel free to leave a comment or two.

Dining places at Amity Village.

Amity village has 2 restaurants and 1 ice-cream center.

  • Amity Landing Restaurant: Famous for its fried chicken, Amity Landing is re-created from famous movie JAWS and it looks like a shipyard of Amity Village.
  • Boardwalk Snacks: A popular snack place at Amity Village where you would get to explore Fast foods which helps you to grab and go the food during your exploration of Amity Village.
  • Amity Ice-Cream: Run by Ellen Brody from JAWS, this place is known for their wide variety of Ice-creams.
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Japan Osaka
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