Delhi zoo to be reopened from August onwards

As covid cases started to decrease, tourism has started and the latest news is that the Delhi Zoo will reopen from August onwards. The zoo was closed for the past 3 months as it had been shut due to the rise of covid-19 cases in the national capital said zoo officials on Monday.

“We are planning to open the National Zoological Park (Delhi Zoo) from August 1. Preparations are on to keep things in order. It will be opened in two shifts as earlier. Online booking will open from July 31, a day ahead of the opening,” said Ramesh Kumar Pandey who is the director of the zoo.

The shifts will be open for two shifts according to the director, the first shift will be open from 8 am to 12 pm and the second shift from 1 pm to 5 pm. “Visitors can buy tickets either through the zoo’s website or at the entry gates using QR codes. This time, we will allow 1,500 entries in each slot, adding up to 3,000 daily visitors,” said a senior official from the zoo.

The zoo was closed last year due to the pandemic and it remained closed for over a year due to rising coronavirus cases and the bird flu. It finally reopened after a year on April 01 yet to be closed again on April 15th due to the rise of coronavirus cases in the second wave.

The zoo allowed only 2000 people per slot in the month of April.

“We have introduced cycles for staff to move around the premises and have asked them not to use (other) two-wheelers or cars. This is to keep a healthy environment within the zoo premises,” said the director.

He also mentioned that currently there are 94 species and around 1,162 animals In the zoo, “Soon, we will be increasing the number of species to 100 as part of various exchange programmes that have been pending,” said the director.

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