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Decade of Xcellence:AirAsia X celebrates 10th Anniversary in Australia

AirAsia X is well-known to be a Malaysian company, but do you know where the city first served in 2007?

Recently, the service to the city which is said to be a paradise blessed with sunshine 300 days a year with clear weather and sunshine celebrates the tenth year, and in the past ten years, it has played the wings of many people, especially those in the Asian region. This is AirAsia X.

The first flight of AirAsia X was to “Gold Coast.” This time AirAsia X went to celebrate the 10th anniversary Anniversary and hold a commemoration event at the Gold Coast. AirAsia, the pioneers of the long-haul low-cost airline industry since the launch of their first flight from Kuala Lumpur to the Gold Coast, 10 years ago.

Since its inception in 2007, the AirAsia X network has carried more than 30 million guests and more than 12 million guests have flown to and from Australia by the AirAsia Group. Today, Air Asia offers 11 return flights weekly, seven return flights from Gold Coast Airport to Auckland and connects 125 destinations across Asia.

Special Aircraft!

AirAsia X marked its 10th birthday with a specially decorated Airbus flight into the Gold Coast from Kuala Lumpur yesterday morning. The plane was greeted with a fire service water tower celebration on the tarmac at Gold Coast Airport. An aircraft painted with a special commemoration livery was received at the Gold Coast International Airport by senior executives of AirAsia X, Gold Coast Airport Limited and Tourism Events Queensland, followed by a media conference.

10th Anniversary Event!
Flanked by hostesses at the AirAsia X 10-year birthday at Q1’s Skypoint in Surfers Paradise are (from left) Guy Sebastian (AirAsia brand ambassador), Benyamin Ismail (AirAsia X CEO), Paul Donovan (Executive General Manager Business Development and Marketing Queensland Airports Limited), Martin Winter (CEO of Gold Coast Tourism).




In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the service to the Gold Coast, it was a pleasure to be able to hold such an event in this way. Air Asia X, which has been realizing flights to many destinations based in Malaysia starting with its service to the Gold Coast, is becoming more familiar to Indians too!

Also, I was able to talk to Mr. Ben closely about the Indian market so that I will introduce below.

Nivedith Gajapathy a.k.a MacroTraveller: “Young people in India are traveling away, is there any message as CEO of AirAsia X?”

Ben Ismail: Because AirAsia is a low-cost carrier; I think that given the option of going abroad for young people and giving me a chance to go abroad by cheap things. I really hope that young people in India will make use of AirAsia X. I will assure that AirAsia will be able to provide a fantastic travel experience!

Q1 tower’s Skypoint hosted the official birthday function, featuring a performance from Air Asia ambassador. It was a pleasure to meet Guy Sebastian on his birthday who is also the brand ambassador of AirAsia X.

As mentioned earlier, AirAsia X has built its position as the most dominant airline connecting Asia and Oceania region over the past decade. From here we will also introduce the charm of traveling to the first “New York” coastal area, which is also its starting point.

AirAsia X Group CEO Datuk Kamarudin Meranun said, “This 10th anniversary is definitely a memorable milestone for all of us at AirAsia X. For an airline that many thought would not succeed in the beginning, we sure have a lot to celebrate for after 10 amazing years. We have grown from strength to strength since our inception in 2007, having flown over 30 million guests to over 25 destinations in different regions including the US. While at the same time forming the most extensive flight network of over 125 destinations in Asia and beyond with our short-haul affiliate AirAsia to serve a broader spectrum of guests, making us one of the largest airline groups in the world.”

“As we receive more wide body aircraft over the next few years, route network expansion becomes even more crucial and we will definitely be launching more exciting long-haul destinations to stimulate travel demand. This is what we do best, connecting our guests to different parts of the world at one of the lowest fares on one of the world’s youngest Airbus fleet. It has been a fantastic decade for AirAsia X, and we owe it all to our supportive guests and dedicated All stars. Now everyone can fly extra-long, and that is a promise we intend to keep,” added Datuk Kamarudin.AirAsia X Malaysia CEO Benyamin Ismail said, “We are excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary this year. AirAsia X has delivered a commendable performance over the past 10 years and we intend to continue for many more years to come. Our growth focus will be on tapping underserved markets and high traffic routes. Leveraging on the group advantage and dynamic pricing that we have as our core drivers in bringing the company forward, we promise to deliver not just low fares but better connectivity within our region and beyond for our guests to enjoy. A big thank you to all our guests and my fellow All stars for being part of these 10 exciting years.”

Gold Coast Tourism CEO Martin Winter said AirAsia X’s arrival was game-changing and showed resilience when the Global Financial Crisis hit 10 months after launching: “They said we’re not going to abandon the Gold Coast.”

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