Assam Bodoland

Day 8 : Visit to Bodoland Ambassadors

As we were approaching our last days of Ambassadors of Bodoland tour, on Day 8 we visited Umswai Valley located in Guwahati.

Umswai Valley is located in Karbi Anglong plateau, Assam is one of offbeat tourist destination in Assam.

The valley comprises of small villages such as Shikdamakha, Bormarjong, Amsai, Langarkhon, Maulen and many other small villages. These villages house many tribal’s who have stayed here before the valley was open to tourists.  Currently, the valley is on its way to becoming one of the top tourist destinations for rural tourism here in Assam.

The villages in the Umswai valley are known to have been one of cleanest villages in Assam, they take the cleanliness seriously. We visited the valley where we got to meet the Root Bridge Foundation. Root Bridge Foundation is an organisation which helps to initiate a project with community members of the valley. They also collaborate with Assam Tourism and Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council who help to keep the villages clean and promote tourists to visit Umswai Valley.

The valley is known for its beautiful nature with an abundance of flora and fauna. The forests of the valley are semi-evergreen and deciduous forests, there are various rivers and streams that flow down the valley which helps in the growth of forests, also the valley is home to wildflowers which can be found everywhere. Due to the fact that there are a lot of trees, the forest is covered in mist almost all round the year which makes this a perfect photographic location to shoot.

The location is home to many indigenous tribes and the valley is said to be a birthplace of Tiwa King. Tiwas are an indigenous community who have inhabited the states of Assam and Meghalaya and are recognised as scheduled tribes. They worship ancestors and various deities which makes them similar to Hindu sect with the matter of god/deity which they worship.


The Tiwas are known to wear some colourful and attractive clothes which are woven out of silk and cotton. They are friendly and some people also gave us the clothes to be worn which we tried. We enjoyed the food and hospitality of the tribes and we were given a short tour of the valley, villages and tribes by our organisers who gave us information about development, tourism and how they help the tribes to earn for their daily income.

Later we headed out to our stay at Pobitora region where our next day was to explore the famous Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
Day 9 and 10 of Bodoland Ambassadors
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