Assam Bodoland

Day 6 : Visit to Bodoland Ambassadors

Day 6 started early in the morning where we explored the mist-covered Manas National Park on an elephant. With the cold temperature, we set off early to Manas National Park and had an opportunity to witness some of the animals which some are nocturnal creatures.

Riding on the back of an elephant, early in the morning and cold did get some chills however, we were eager to witness any animals hence the excitement overcame the feeling of cold. Soon after Elephant safari, we had a healthy breakfast and proceeded towards Jeep safari to inner parts of Manas National Park. As the elephant safari, we cannot explore much of the famed National Park, we did it via Jeep Safari. We explored more parts of manas national park and the guide explained us with all the details, types of animals found here, the habitat of animals etc.

After an informative tour, one thing that impressed me was how the tribes here live hand-in-hand with nature and wild animals as if both are coordinating with each other. Also, I loved how the tribes, NGO’s and locals are trying their best for forest and animal conservation. As Manas National Park is known for its tiger, elephant reserve and a biosphere in itself, it is important that the biosphere should survive for betterment. The NGO’s with co-operation with tribes and locals have helped unemployed elephants for tourism etc.

After the safari, that took our most of the day we went to our evening campfire where we were able to witness local cultural group performances where we were in for a treat, witnessed local Bodo and Bihu dance and music performance, which again was fun and informative as I had little knowledge about the local dance and music performances. We had dinner here at the camp and headed out to our resting place at Smiling Tusker Elephant Resort and Camp.


Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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