Assam Bodoland

Day 4, Visit to Bodoland

Day 4 was an exciting day where we headed to the neighbouring country of Bhutan. Sitting in the border of Bodoland, we headed to a place called Galephu in Bhutan. Galephu is one of the road entries to the country of Bhutan

Here we were explained about the cross border tourism. Galephu is an 11.52km sq place which has 6 sub-zones Trashiling, Namkhaling, Jampeling, Rabtengling, Samdrupling, and Sonam Gatsel. The town is located around 30km east of Sarpang which is Dzongkhag Headquarters. It is one of the prospered part of Dzongkhag region. The region is rich in greenery where the government is planning to create an open green space which can be used for recreation, sports, cycling etc.

After, spending quality time at Galephu in Bhutan and having lunch there in Bhutan, we headed back to the Dwijing festival premises to spend time at the banks of Aie River which is one of the tributaries to River Brahmaputra. Aie River is one of major water source for people of Bodoland which originates from the base of Himalayas.

We spent the rest of the day at Dwijing Festival premises where we witnessed the shows, art installations, traditional dance performances, theatre etc and had dinner at Festival Ground.

Soon ended our day returning to Cygnett Park to take rest and rejuvenate for an exciting New Year and a new day.


Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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