Assam Bodoland

Day 3 : Visit to Bodoland

On our 3rd day visit to Bodoland, we began our day early in the morning to visit Kalamati National Park.

Kalamati is an extended part of Manas National Park, bordering with Bhutan this place is best known for its black rocks which are rich in minerals. The place is frequented with wild animals which come here and lick the sand to gain essential minerals.

A visit to kalamati offers you some of the picturesque views which are a photographer’s dream place to be. The rocks here are said to have different colours depending on natural causes. This is where there are many medicinal herbs that are found.

To get to Kalamati Region of Manas National Park, we need a special permit as it borders with Bhutan. You can hire a cab from Bongaigaon the region lies around 35km, alternatively, you can also reach Kalamati from Chapaguri station which is around 24km from Kalamati. The region has many cab availability, just ask any tour operator and they will guide you with the same.

Next, we headed to a traditional Bodo village where we spent time with indigenous Bodo tribe. We learnt how the tribe manage to survive, their food habits, their activities towards the development of tribe, traditional artworks, pottery etc. These skills were passed down from generation to generation where the tribes do not have any formal education, yet they exceed in their skills. I tried my hands in pottery which I managed to create a good earthen pot. The villagers were extremely friendly and even cooked us their traditional food, I always wanted to try a proper tribal cuisine which I experienced here.

The ambassadors of Bodoland, explained to us with these details as they helped with translating the language, we got to know many insights into the life of traditional Bodo village and its residents.

Having lunch at the traditional Bodo village, it was just an amazing experience to receive warmth and friendliness of villagers we bid adieu to the village and made our way to Day 2 of Dwijing Festival and expected some lightning packed performances.  We enjoyed the Dwijing festival and headed over to Cygnett Park for dinner and to take rest and get rejuvenated for the next day.

Day 3 of our visit was eventful and informative as we got to know the life of traditional Bodo villagers, get a view of beautiful rocks of Kalamati national park, experience authentic tribal lunch and also finish our day visiting Dwijing Festival, one of Assam’s premier festivals.


Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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