Destination Egypt

Day 1 of Egypt #MacroTraveller trip

Egypt is one place which was in my list for a long time, it is the place which fascinated me due to its history, the pyramids, the sphinx, the city of Alexandria etc. And when the right opportunity arrived, I booked my flight tickets and applied for a visa. These moments were making me feel excited and wanted the D-Day to arrive as fast as it could. The excitement knew no bounds when I received my visa approval and when finally the D-Day arrived, packed my bags and headed off to the place to see the Great Sphinx, Pyramids first hand.

Day 1 was mediocre where we checked into the Cairo Airport after our transit at Abu Dhabi and then headed out to our stay at Ramses Hilton Hotel & Casino.

Ramses Hilton Hotel & CasinoImage Credits :
is a hotel that is situated near to Nile River, located near to Cairo Museum the hotel has an elevated pool terrace, on-site casino, fitness centre etc. The guests here can enjoy the room which has a panoramic view of Nile River, Pyramids etc (which is what I was looking to experience since the day of booking flights). The room comes with a sofa, work desk, satellite flat-TV, safe box etc.

Guests here can enjoy a lavish food at their restaurant where you have an option for Mediterranean, English or Indian cuisine, there is a cafe present here called Garden Court which offers live entertainment in the evening. Guests here can relax and if they are in the mood of sports they can play billiards or you can enjoy sauna and spa session or hot tub. If the mood of some shopping then the Ramses offers on-spot shopping galleria which you can purchase from any of the 250+ shops present here.

Checked into the hotel and took rest after a long overhaul, later at the evening noticed the light ceremony at the Great Pyramids. The light show was amazing and everyone who comes to Egypt should not miss the sound and light show that will be held here every evening after the sunset. The sound and light show held during the event is where there will be a story involved about the pyramids and we will know about the region’s history and culture with an hour of storytelling. This is informative for the kids so that they will know more about the culture and history of Egypt with visual aids.

Soon after the Pyramid show headed over to our stay and the day came to an end with joy and happiness.

Destination Egypt
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Destination Egypt
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Destination Egypt
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