Assam Bodoland

Day 1 & 2 : Visit to Bodoland

Bodoland is one of the developing tourist destinations that is now welcoming tourists from worldwide. Here you get to experience the lifestyle of hill tribes, notice their work of art and most importantly the cool weather as the location sits on the lap of Himalayan Mountain Range. Away from the busy cities and pollution, this place is where you can visit as a place for detox and stay away from the hustle of the city.

#Macrotraveller too had experienced the same where, as a part of Ambassadors of Bodoland, had the experience to visit the picturesque, calm and peaceful places and also experience one of Assam’s major music festival Dwijing Festival.

Our 1st Day at Bodoland began where Ambassadors of various states were welcomed warmly and we stayed at Gibbon Backpackers Hostel in Guwahati. On the first day, we were given an introduction of the programme of Ambassadors of Bodoland, how the trip works, a little history of Bodoland and finally welcoming all the ambassadors we were given a stage to speak about ourself. At this time, we introduced ourself to the board and fellow ambassadors and also get to know about fellow ambassadors who will be joining for an epic vacation of Bodoland.

We had our first dinner and an overnight stay was arranged at Cygnett park Meghna, Bongaigaon where Bongaigaon is a part of Bodoland.

Day 2 of our journey began at Bongaigaon where the breakfast was provided at Cygnett Park Meghna, Bongaigaon and we were in for an Opening session by Hon’ble Ministry of Tourism by Government of Assam.

One of the highlights of this visit is to learn more about developments, scheduled developments, history of Bodoland and Assam in general from the Ministry of Tourism. Here we get to know many insights of the Bodoland area, how Bodo’s fought for their land, sharing land space with Bhutan etc. Kicking off our visit after an informative session, we were taken to The Blurred Parameter which is an Art Installation from Assam’s artists Wahida Ahmed.

The Blurred Parameter along with a team of artists from the North East, Wahida Ahmed showcased the visitors the richness of state where she showcased fine arts using properties such as Bamboo, sand, hay and thread. The art installation brings out the richness of the states of the North East which is not mostly explored.

After the quick look with the art installation, we had an interaction session with Deputy Chief of Bodoland Tourism where we were explained about Bodoland, Dwijing Festivals, some of the improvements in recent year, planned developments, places to visit in general etc.

We were excited about our stay as we were explained about Assam’s one of premier festival Dwijing Festival which is held riverside, art installations, food, dance, culture programmes etc.

Later we had lunch at Cygnette Park and headed off to the festival area which when we visited was keeping up with the pace of welcoming fellow festival visitors. We explored the festival area, experienced the live shows, watched the cultural programme, tried local food, some even shopped the local arts and artefacts etc. Ending a happy day exploring and gathering information, we had lunch at festival ground and headed off for our stay at Cygnett Park, Meghna.


Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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Assam Bodoland
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