Cute Indigenous Animals Around the World #MacroTraveller

I have everything for you; from mini antelopes to the most mysterious islanders. Mother Nature’s creativity has no limits. Discover a few remarkable animals around the world and read which animal builds cushions of grass among sleeping people at night.

Sometimes you have to rub your eyes just as well to make sure that you are not dreaming. Is that an animal or do you have problems with your eyes? I have traveled around the world and seen some cute fluffy animals, but also some less hairy locals that you merely have to get to know.

Dik-dik!This little weird African antelope is as funny as the name. By the way, by small I mean miniscule – the thick fat is as big as a hare. Since almost every other animal on the steppe is the natural enemy of the dik-dik, the small antelopes are extremely shy. When threatened they make an alarming sound, after which they all run away zigzagging.

Sloth!How often do you see this unusual local and do you want to swap places with him/her? The tropical rainforest in Central and South America invites you to laze and relax. Since the sloth is inactive for about 20 hours a day, they only have to go to the ground once every eight days to do their business. This is how lazy you can be! ? If you want to do the same as they are, Costa Rica is probably the best place to relax.

Dassie!This little friend is related to elephants and manatees … Do you believe it?! This cute, hare-like mammal, also known as the Cape cliff, is a native inhabitant of southern Africa. You can especially spot them when you go up Table Mountain in Cape Town.

Tarsier!This little primate, found in the Philippines, seems to come from a different world. The eyes of this cute little animal could barely be bigger, but the small animal is only about 15 cm long. On the island of Bohol, you can greet this comical resident yourself.

Fennec fox!This combination between a dog and a fox, with gigantic ears, will melt your heart. This is the reason why many people in North Africa have this desert fox as a pet. The Fennec fox is described in many Arabic stories and poems. In the past, however, hunts were still being hunted for the meat.

Quokka!The quokka lives in Western Australia. But beware – the animal is already an endangered species, and tourists disrupt his way of life. It is better to look at the animals from behind a window than to share a piece of your cake with them.

Aye-aye (World’s Creepiest Animal)Wow, who are we here? The aye-aye looks strange! There are many myths and legends about this animal in Madagascar. For some, they mean a precursor to misfortune, while for others it is just happiness animals. A legend says that aye-ayes make grass cushions among people sleeping in the woods. However, it makes a big difference whether the pillow is under your head or your feet when you wake up. If the pillow is under your head then you will become rich, it is under your feet then you will become the victim of a magic spell. Another myth says that if you kill one of these animals, you will also die within that same year. Strictly, maybe we better stay away from him. Or perhaps just do not fall asleep in the forest ?

Loris!A smaller relative of the sloth and also a very calm animal! Loris’s are simply ridiculously cute and always look innocent with their incredibly big eyes. This primate is one of the native animals in Asia. They are mainly wanted as pets. Unfortunately, people think that staying silent is primarily a defense mechanism, rather than tolerating imprisonment.

Wombat!Despite the fact that kangaroos are the number one, the wombat is secretly the star of this continent. Mostly known for their extensive corridors as a den, these animals mainly sleep during the day and appear at night. Do not put your head in one of their construction work, because you should not underestimate their claws! Nevertheless, I still want to cuddle one.

Asian Palm Civet (Kopi Luwak)Now it is a bit strange. Everyone knows coffee beans. Since there are so many varieties, everyone claims to have the best beans. Now you have to process (literally) what happens in Indonesia. No matter how good the coffee may smell after production, maybe there is something you want to know first about this excellent stuff. Kopi Luwak is the name of the coffee, and it only becomes special coffee by something the Luwak does with it. This feline animal first eats the beans, and then separates them, after which they are processed a bit further. Apparently, this is precisely what the beans give such a unique aroma

Mother Nature always knows how to surprise us with its numerous animal species and the endless creativity with which they are made! Do you still know an amusing, cute or unusual animal? Let me know so that I can get to know it as soon as possible!

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