Croatia is selling homes cheaper than €1

The news of Italy selling homes as low as 1Euro has been in the news for so long and now many places are joining this concept and are now offering the home at a cheaper rate. According to recent news, Croatia will allow you to buy homes at an Unbelievable price which is cheaper than the €1 homes. And of course, some conditions are needed to be fulfilled.

To be eligible to buy these homes, one needs to be under 40-years old, fully employed and should be willing to live in them for 15 years.

As per information, one can buy a home at Legrad which was once the second-biggest populated town in Croatia and when the new borders were formed after the collapse of the Astro-Hungarian empire this town became a border town hence the population started to decline after this.Croatia

Legrad now has a population of 2500 less than half as it was 70 years ago and regarding this, the mayor of the town stated that due to the town becoming a border town, the population started falling.

And now, the town officials are listing abandoned houses for sales, this move is aimed to grow the population in the town. As per the reports, the houses are for sale as low as 16 cents and those willing to move are even offered repairs expenses. 17 out of 19 houses listed are already sold out.

If anyone is willing to buy a private home, then the town will cover up to 20% of the cost.

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