Covid-19 essential travel kit for a traveler

Ever since the pandemic has begun, tourism has been one of the most affected sectors. Be it hotels, restaurants, airways, railways, interstate, intercountry travel all have been affected. However, tourists, seasonal travelers, and people who make living out of travel are most affected too.

As vaccine rollout began in the entire world, there has been a sense of hope for travelers to step out of their homes and begin exploring like it used to be however, one needs to be extremely precautious before venturing into a new location.

Speaking about this, here are some of the essential travel kits for a traveler so that they can be careful at a new place.

  • Double Mask: With a more contagious form of covid-19 spreading around, scientists and health experts focused on the usage of double masking. A double mask is said to be more helpful by blocking at least 80% of viruses and others which is most important during the current situation.
  • Pulse Oximeter: One of the most important and easy carry devices is Pulse Oximeter. This should be on your travel packing list if the travel destination is in/near a high-risk country. Carry a pulse oximeter so that you can measure SPO2 level whenever you feel uncomfortable.
  • Sanitizer: Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has begun, the usage of sanitizer was stressed upon by various health experts and governments. Sanitizer is now a part of basic travel essential that one should carry so that even if you feel that you may have come in contact, use sanitizer before touching anything others so that there is no additional spread of viruses or germs.
  • Disposable Hand Gloves: Use disposable hand gloves when you are traveling in public transportation, flights, etc. Also use when handling door handles of restaurants, tourist locations, public attraction places, etc as these are the places where there will be a lot of hand contacts and there will be more amount of germs. Using disposable hand gloves can protect you against it.
  • Disinfectant wipes: Use disinfectant wipes before using any public devices like telephone, ATMs, computer, etc. Disinfectant wipes are made up of hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners which help to eliminate the risk of contracting viruses or germs thus helping you to fight against contracting the disease.
  • First aid medications: Before setting off to a new destination, speak with your local healthcare professional and purchase over-the-counter medications for the common cold, cough, or fever. This might help in case of emergency and do not forget to carry a thermometer to monitor temperature if you are feeling unwell.
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