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Corning Museum of Glass

As mentioned in our previous blogs about the Corning Museum of Glass, we might be given a chance for live glass manufacture at Make Your Own Glass workshop. This will be a part of Live Glass Demo provided by the museum, all day every day where classes are provided by the museum. You can either choose one day, weekend course or an Intensive Course at The Studio where the glass making is taught by some of the glass making experts around the world.

Glass Demos: For Glass enthusiasts around the world, this is one of the best ways to experience how glass is made also how the glass is fine-tuned with heat forming a beautiful art etc at The Glass Demo workshop. Here you are provided courses like Hot Glass Demo, Flameworking Demo, Optical Fiber Demo, Glass Breaking Demo, Special Glass Demo and finally the beautiful concept of You Design it, we make it section.  Here you can have an option for these demos where The Corning Incorporation is known for, they showcase their talents in Hot Glass Demo is showcased all day, every day which is available in the museum, a mobile hot shop and at GlassBarge where they made first electric bulbs for Edison’s incandescent lamps.

  1. The Flameworking demo is live where you would have narrated demonstration along with oxygen powered torch which reaches 4000F. The demos take place at Glass Innovation Center where it happens every day, some demos might be of 15 minutes and some more depends on the schedule. Dating back to 15th Century, Flameworking is one of the methods of melting glass and form into various designs, now experts in glassmaking showcase this method in Corning Museum of Glass.
  2. Optical Fiber Demo lasts 15 minutes every day where you can understand how the glass can be heated and formed into thin strands which helps in transmitting huge amounts of digital information. Here the demonstrators will show how glass transmits light without much loss and this presentation begins with audience interaction and information about the history of how light has been transmitted from glass from when this phenomenon was discovered and much more insights of this.
  3. Glass Breaking Demo this live interaction where you can know how glass breaks and why does it, this demo is chargeable. This place is where people will explain to you how different glass breaks based on temperature and how different glass has different breaking patterns and what types of glass is used for different objects such as windows, car windows, space shuttle etc.
  4. Special Glass Demo where you get a chance to know about 20 types of glass demonstration on various topics every day. These demos are live and narrated which are interactive and performed through audience interaction.
  5. You Design It, We Make It is where customers can design or draw out the idea and let the museum members know about your plan where both drawing paper and other required materials are available in the museum, we need to submit our design in Admission Center. The glass is then designed in front of a live audience at the Hot Glass Demo and Flameworking Demo area where the designers get the chance to view their design come to life. The designer can also take their designed glass which is shipped to their home.

The Studio

The Studio is an internationally renowned facility at The Corning Museum of Glass. Here they offer glassmaking classes of various skill levels and techniques.  There is also an option for an artist residency, rentals and many other programmes. One of best glass making school in the world, The Studio offers you to work hand in hand with top glassmakers where the students have access to museums library and other areas which can inspire them to create their ideas and turn them into glass art.  The Studio in general offers Glass Rentals, Classes, Artists and Instructor access, Residencies for glass art, scholarship for students and special student programmes.

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#MacroTravellerTech Corning Destination Lifestyle USA
Corning Museum of Glass experience
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