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Corning Museum of Glass visit experience

Corning Museum of Glass is home to various collections which are exhibited in their exhibitions, galleries and collection sets. The museum also has Innovation and conservation centre which allows the history of glass and improvement of glass to be happening side to side. The idea of this is to innovate without forgetting the past. The museum showcases glass art which are over 35 centuries ago ranging from Egyptian pharaoh to Venetian glass during the Renaissance period and not forgetting the glassworks from today’s contemporary artists.

Having one of the world’s most comprehensive and various collections of glass art, Corning Museum has various Galleries. Starting at Contemporary Art + gallery there are many galleries such as 35 Centuries of Glass Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery, Study Gallery, Frederick Carder Gallery and Ben H Heineman Sr. Family Gallery of Contemporary Glass.

35 Centuries of Glass Gallery showcases glass art and architecture from various places across the globe. Here you can find glass art from European, Asian and American glass and other glass antiquity till present. Here you can know the history of glassmaking from Egyptian furnace to factories in Europe. Also, you can understand the history of American Glass that was being prepared in small furnaces. The gallery of 35 centuries of glass showcase glass from each country with its historical stories of the type, period and where the glasses were being manufactured. The showcases are being split further wise as Glass in Nature where they display glass made in nature such as from Volcano, Sun heat etc. Here they display arts from Obsidian or volcanic glass, Tektites and Libyan Desert Glass and Fulgurites which are glass created by lightning. Later you can notice Glass of The Romans, Glass in Islamic World, European Glass manufactured during early periods, Venetian glass, 17-18-19th Century Glass, Asian and American Glass, Paperweight Glass and Corning City Glass which was created when the company decided to shift their headquarters to Corning, New York.

Contemporary Glass Gallery:  This is a part of 26,000 sq ft Contemporary Art+ Gallery which is designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners and was opened in the year 2015. As a museum permanent collection, there are around 70 works which are showcased here. The theme of the Contemporary Glass Gallery is Nature, History, Body and Material where artwork of contemporary artists such as Nancy Bowen, Nicole Chesney, Tony Cragg, Alessandro Diaz de Santillana, Ann Gardner, Katherine Gray, Beth Lipman, Liza Lou, Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick, Ivan Mareš, Josiah McElheny, Klaus Moje, Debora Moore, Stacey Neff, Javier Pérez, Susan Plum, Anne and Patrick Poirier, Michael Rogers, Michael Scheiner, Lino Tagliapietra, Ann Wolff, Cerith Wyn Evans and many others are showcased. The gallery also showcases 25 years of past designs from glass vessels, furniture and design art where the highlights include Etruscan Chair by Danny Lane (1992), Coffee Pot (2011) by Studio Job and Triscosta Cabinet (2013) by Christophe Côme.

The Jerome and Lucille Strauss Study Gallery: with a wide range of objects with history of over 3500 years, the gallery is named after its benefactors Jerome and Lucille Strauss. The gallery is like additional space to store the objects that are being bought and also it’s the place where the students and glass enthusiasts can explore various types of glasses from ancient American, European, Asian collection. The highlight of this museum is it has a collection of over 2,400 drinking glasses from various parts of the world and which is collected from ancient to modern types of drinking glasses. There are over 6,000 objects that are showcased here when every visitor can explore and know more about the glasses.


Featuring contemporary art designs by various artists between 1975 and 2000, Ben W Heineman Sr Family Gallery features to show the glass which can be used in art, craft and designs. Here the glass showcased here are of large-sculptures, functional and non-functional vessels with a variety of glass working technique such as blowing, casting, kiln forming etc. This gallery features limited edition and mass-produced products by artists who have advanced glass making techniques. You can notice a long list of artists who have showcased their products here at Ben W Heineman Sr Family Gallery out of which we can name few such as Vladimír Kopecký, Bert Frijns, Eric Hilton, Toshio Iezumi, Robert Kehlmann, Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová etc.

Fredrick Carder Gallery: Dedicated to the gifted and talented glass artist Fredrick Carder (1863-1963), this gallery showcases works of the artist. Fredrick Carder who founded Steuben Glass Company is said to have introduced hundreds of colours such as Aurenes, Cintra and rare Rouge Flambé. Later Steuben was acquired by Corning where the production was shifted to Optical Glass from various artists. The collection was preferred for weddings, state visits and other important events. Here they display glass arts from Fredrick Carder from his early pieces while he worked in Europe as well as his works in Steuben until retirement. Although some of the glassworks is on loan from Rockwell Museum which is showcased here, this gallery showcase most of the items of Carder’s Steuben Glass with over thousands of glass art which Carder had created.

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Corning Museum of Glass
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