Colosseum underground passages are open and tourists can now visit them.

After 2 and half years of restoration and work to shore up the famous Colosseum, the underground is now open to tourists and the tourists will now be able to visit the places which were once backstage for gladiator events.

The culture minister of Italy announced on Friday in the presence of Tod’s, a luxury shoe and goods maker which had footed a bill that the work on shore-up and restore the underground section has been completed.

The underground or backstage of the Colosseum was banned for visitors during the ancient wild animals and gladiator fights where the public was forbidden venturing below stage level. This ban lasted from 80 AD till the last show of 523AD.

This backstage was employed with dozens of mobile platforms and wooden elevators which provided scenic stage level entry for the gladiators as well as animals.

Alfonsina Russo, Colosseum director said that now tourists can stroll across the walkway which is 160m long and view the originally 15 corridors that circled the underground level.

Due to covid-19, the restoration work by teams of engineers, surveyors, construction workers, architects and archaeologists.

Tod’s founder, Diego Della Valle paid multi-million euro to clean the colosseum to clean and remove the soot and grime which made the famous attraction look dull. He also responded to the reporters where he had called for the government to undertake private funding for the restoration of many buildings.

Last month Dario Franceschini, Italy’s culture minister had built a detailed project on building a lightweight stage inside the area for visitors to admire the ancient monument.

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